Watch: Hoosier Bullet GNCC Bike Highlights & Outcomes

Video: RacerTV 

The fifth round (of 13) of the 2024 Progressive Huge National Nasty Country (GNCC) Assortment took location over the weekend at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Steward Baylor Jr. (Kawasaki) took his second consecutive roam purchase and he closed Johnny Girroir‘s championship all the formulation down to 10 points. Girroir accomplished second but got a one-location penalty for refueling out of his designated pit yell as 2023 Huge National Champion Craig Delong (Husqvarna) accomplished third. 

XC2 rider AnGus Riordan (KTM) claimed the total purchase over his teammate Grant Davis and third-location Liam Draper (Yamaha).

Rachael Archer (Kawasaki) claimed the XCW GNCC roam purchase over Shelby Turner (GasGas) and Rachel Gutish (Sherco).

Watch fat motorbike (adolescence, WXC, Educated) protection from the Hoosier GNCC.

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