Alexander Volkanovski reveals he offered to wrestle at UFC 303 following Conor McGregor’s withdrawal

Broken-down UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski offered to wrestle at UFC 303 if the promotion wished.

Alexander Volkanovski

UFC 303 was situation to be headlined by a highly-anticipated matchup between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor. Then again, the Irishman suffered an rupture and was compelled out of the bout and the UFC reportedly regarded for unusual fights or doable folks to substitute McGregor.

At some point soon of that point, Volkanovski says he told the UFC he would change McGregor and wrestle Chandler, or wrestle on the card against whoever it they wished.

“I did assign aside my hand up, I acknowledged ‘Enjoy you want a man?’ All of us heard the whispers adore you guys did. He didn’t conceal as a lot as the press convention, heard whispers they had been making an are attempting to search out someone to maybe change. So I was adore, ‘Howdy, in portray for you someone, you know a man,’ I did assign aside my hand up. Obviously seen that some folks assign aside that up, so it bought available in the market. Some folks assume I’m inflamed, but I’m back into coaching now, and I’m inflamed to get back in there. That’s all it takes, moral somewhat of thing adore that, and I assign aside my hand up.  But, it wasn’t me. I didn’t procure the call back,” Alexander Volkanovski acknowledged on his YouTube channel.

“The UFC had been adore, ‘Oh no.’ They had been sitting asserting, ‘You’re a savage, but we’ll mean you can be ready to understand if we need you’ assemble of thing. They knew I acknowledged earlier in the 365 days and they acknowledged, ‘Recognize, let’s moral bear somewhat of a rupture.’ So, they had been clearly respecting that, so sexy on them for that. Even if I kept reminding them, everyday I’m adore, ‘I’m being extreme, let me know.’ But they had been sticking to their guns and I bet having a look for after me. You bought to present them admire for that, but I did need to assign the day,” Volkanovski added.

As Alexander Volkanovski says, the UFC opted to retain him on the sidelines so he could possibly steal rupture day and heal as he acknowledged he would following the KO loss to Ilia Topuria. But, Volkanovski says he’s back in coaching so he can even return to the Octagon soon.

Alexander Volkanovski is 26-4 and coming off the KO loss to Topuria to lose his featherweight title. Earlier than that, he suffered a KO loss to Islam Makhachev for the mild-weight title.

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