South Korean Health Ministry calls to assemble telemedicine permanent

South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has released its document on the habits of short-duration of time telemedicine for the length of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fixed with the document, over 25,000 scientific institutions offered some distance off remedy to 13.79 million folk from February 2020 to January 2023. Of the 36.61 million treatments administered through telehealth, most treatments (29.25 million) beget been dwelling treatments for COVID-19 situations whereas about 1.36 million remedy situations beget been first-time visits and 5.14 million situations received prescriptions following consultations.

The document identified that virtually all telemedicine services and products beget been conducted by neighbourhood clinics (accounting for 93.6% of all collaborating healthcare services and 86.2% of all recorded treatments). Gleaming hospitals beforehand aired their concerns about shouldering so a lot of the telemedicine search data from however this had no longer been the case at all, the MOHW noted.

Furthermore, the document realized that there used to be a high telemedicine uptake among the many elderly and those with chronic diseases. Most telehealth treatments, or about 2.88 million treatments, had been offered to senior of us faded 60 and above. Telemedicine had been administered largely for sufferers with hypertension, acute bronchitis, and diabetes.

Furthermore, there had been elevated adherence to prescription medicines among sufferers with chronic diseases following the short-duration of time implementation of telemedicine in 2020. “Thru this glance, it used to be confirmed that non-face-to-face remedy can contribute to a level in making improvements to health, such as making improvements to the continuity of prescriptions for the elderly,” the MOHW said.


To buy, the South Korean executive speedy accredited the habits of telemedicine in February 2020 as a draw to restrict mobility and stem the unfold of COVID-19 infections. 

Following obvious outcomes, the MOHW now calls to institutionalise telemedicine by revising linked provisions within the country’s Scientific Provider Act.  

Meanwhile, the manager just nowadays recognised the Korean Scientific Association’s proposal to assemble telemedicine a permanent complement to face-to-face healthcare services and products. 


The MOHW furthermore shared from the 2020 look by the National Health Insurance protection Provider that virtually all sufferers who beget received prescriptions over the phone said they’re willing to utilize the service again within the long run. Being stable from contracting infectious diseases and the diminished ready time beget been cited as causes to proceed utilizing telemedicine. A the same pride look carried out by the Korea Health Industry Building Institute in October furthermore noted the same willingness to proceed searching for prescriptions over the phone.


“We beget been ready to verify the effectiveness and safety of non-face-to-face remedy and we beget been ready to allay concerns about high concentrated search data from for telemedicine among giant hospitals,” Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare Park Min-soo said.

“In the habits of telemedicine, sufferers’ lovely to rob and access to health center remedy, as correctly because the professionalism of scientific personnel, are revered. Now we beget plans to permit utilizing supplementary gadgets so that every sufferers and scientific personnel can use telemedicine safely,” he added.

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