Sonos Fling leak exhibits off recent colors for the moveable speaker: light blue, olive, and purple

If you’ve been paying consideration to the most up-to-date Sonos rumors, then about its upcoming “Ray” soundbar and plans to launch a divulge assistant that prioritizes spin and privateness. Whereas we predict reliable confirmation on those, it is possible you’ll well well well add one other rumor to the list: posters on the Sonos subreddit grasp motive to mediate they’ll discover recent colors of the Sonos Fling speaker revealed this week, and now one in every of our readers aspects out that a Chilean reseller can also grasp leaked which colors are on the formulation.

Emails sent to subscribers stated “something sparkling” is on the formulation with a countdown. Any doubt about what that something might be became as soon as eradicated as soon as posters seen the URL in the electronic mail involves “roamcolors_teaser_owners.”

As it is possible you’ll well well well discover from the portray above, the retail store Music World is already marketing and marketing Sonos Fling audio system in recent colors. That involves olive, light blue, and purple.

Sonos Roam speaker in red

Image: Music World

We’ve seen expanded colors advance from Sonos with small-edition releases for the One and Play:1 audio system, nonetheless, those furthermore added moderately additional to the place. The Fling has already received a $10 place bump to $179, as Sonos adjusted pricing for its lineup closing 365 days and stated it became as soon as as a result of give chain factors.

Now that we’ve seen pictures of some extra colors, Sonos clients in assorted international locations must still discover very soon in the occasion that they’ll take grasp of the pocketable (and most ceaselessly mic-much less) Fling speaker in colors assorted than the default shaded and white, and for how considerable.

Updated 5: 57PM ET: Added pictures of Sonos Fling audio system in recent colors (Thanks Nicolás!)

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