Sonic Mania Dev Clarifies Involvement With Sonic Origins, Says It is “Purely A Sega-Developed Product”

Sonic Mania developer Headcannon, who has also labored on a couple of traditional Sonic video games, has clarified its involvement with the upcoming open Sonic Origins.

It previously mentioned on social media the blueprint it had been “working with Sega to re-abolish Sonic 3 & Knuckles for their upcoming Sonic Origins sequence” plainly’s as a long way as it goes. In a brand recent sequence of tweets, or no longer it’s now addressed some misunderstandings relating to its involvement in the project.

Headcannon did no longer in fact work on Origins, and it did not assemble the rest further for Sonic 1,2 or CD. It constructed the engine for S3&Okay one after the other. So who became as soon as on the help of the changes and additions? It became as soon as a Sega “internal crew”, and Origins is “purely” a Sega developer project.

To tackle a misunderstanding relating to Headcannon’s involvement in #SonicOrigins- We DID NOT work on Origins itself, nor did we assemble any further work on Sonic 1, 2, or CD. We had been contracted to create a Retro Engine version of S3&Okay as a separate project from Sega’s Sonic Origins

Headcannon’s work used in #SonicOrigins, together with S3&Okay, became as soon as utilized into Origins by Sega’s internal crew, who also made any Origins-order changes/additions themselves. We’re proud to bear our work featured as PART of Sonic Origins, nevertheless or no longer it’s purely a Sega-developed product

To further account for, as or no longer it’s been asked, yes, this contains Mission Mode. Sega’s crew developed the missions, as smartly as Boss Bustle, Think Mode, and so on internally. The finest obvious mode that Headcannon created became as soon as Blue Spheres, and its implementation into Origins became as soon as handled by Sega

Sonic Mania’s lead developer, director and programmer Christian Whitehead has also mentioned his have links to the upcoming sequence:

Alright, looks as if I will at closing near aesthetic and sigh that RSDK(v5U) is hanging in work on Origins

I’m proud to contributed with my past work with @HCStealth on the old remasters that are represented here. @Head_cannon has carried the torch to total S3K I’m wrathful to seek the outcomes

As highlighted by Sonic Stadium, this info also suggests that these versions of the video games within Origins have a tendency to be (mostly) the same as unique Retro Engine versions previously launched.

So, there you wander – Head Cannon and even Whitehead are represented in the project, nevertheless or no longer it’s “developed” by Sega’s internal crew. What assemble you invent of all this? Depart away a commentary down below.

[source twitter.com, via sonicstadium.org]

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