Solana-built DeFi app Jet Protocol transitions into DAO to enable on-chain governance

Jet Protocol, a Solana-basically based non-custodial liquidity app offering lending merchandise for the DeFi ecosystem, introduced lately it has taken step one in building a basically decentralized and censorship-resistant protocol so as to offer infrastructure to receive admission to on-chain financial debt instruments.

Jet’s manufacture takes good thing about Solana’s bustle and low charges, allowing customers to borrow in opposition to over-collateralized debt positions while honing the label of flexible, capital-efficient margins.

DAO: JetGovern

In efforts to offer an on-chain governance system representative of no longer handiest the Jet person deplorable but moreover the broader DeFi community, Jet has released JetGovern — a brand sleek mechanism to govern the platform in an efficient and decentralized system. 

“At Jet, a properly-unexcited and strategically maintained system of governance is needed so as to make choices on all the things – from bustle-of-the-mill functioning of the protocol, adjustment to insurance policies of the JET token, along side sleek collateral kinds, dealing with a disaster, or deciding the course of model and governance itself. Leveraging abilities with governance frameworks from first-mover protocols fancy MakerDAO, we’re constructing a basically battle-examined governance ecosystem with the total tests and balances in set apart to withhold enhance and model.”

– Jet Protocol CEO, Wil Barnes

Incorporating every on-chain and off-chain governance buildings, JetGovern ensures a trustless, procure, and effective consensus-building job.

Token: JET

On-chain governance employs balloting mechanisms on the blockchain by the JET token which is light to record the person’s stake and confer balloting rights, while off-chain governance takes set apart on the Jet Protocol discussion board where someone can create or vote on a proposal.

Via the JET governance token, customers shall be in a position to handbook the platform with out any centralized or 3rd-event authority, placing elephantine adjust in the fingers of the protocol’s customers and the Jet community.

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