Ring of Honor Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and ROH Highlights from March 16

Ring of Honor Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and ROH Highlights from March 16

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    The Ring of Honor logo and stars.

    The Ring of Honor logo and stars.ROH

    Welcome to Bleacher Document’s protection and recap of Episode 3 of Ring of Honor TV on March 16.

    This week’s demonstrate featured two Championship Proving Ground suits. Athena faced Hyan, and Claudio Castagnoli battled Willie Mack. If Hyan or Mack obtained their match, they’d impact a shot at the title.

    We additionally noticed some championship motion as The Embassy defended the six-man titles in opposition to the outdated skool champions, Dalton Citadel and The Boys.

    Let’s defend a witness at the entire motion from Thursday’s demonstrate.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Willie Mack

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    Claudio Castagnoli and Willie Mack.

    Claudio Castagnoli and Willie Mack.ROH

    Mack got a non-title match in opposition to Castagnoli this week, but since this used to be labeled as a Proving Ground match, a take would impact him a shot. It’s identical to AEW’s Championship Eliminator suits.

    They began with a outdated skool exchange of holds and reversals. Mack is a mountainous dude, but he is now not apprehensive to mix it up on the mat when the need arises.

    The longer it went, the more bodily it changed into. Castagnoli took every different to blow their very hang horns his energy by throwing Mack spherical, and the mountainous man showed he has the velocity to defend with the ROH champion.

    They did a factual job making it feel bask in Mack believed he had a likelihood to take, so it made Castagnoli’s victory with an uppercut out of nowhere that mighty better.

    Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

    Grade: B+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Castagnoli tried to defend a page out of Samoa Joe’s playbook with the walkaway put, but Mack noticed it coming and carve the dive instant. 
  • Hitting a double-underhook suplex on a man the dimensions of Mack will always be impressive regardless of who it’s. 
  • Mack must not be in a situation to hit a standing moonsault that successfully. It’s roughly bask in how some folk relate a bumblebee must not be in a situation to fly. 

Mike Bennett vs. Dante Martin

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    Mike Bennett and Dante Martin.

    Mike Bennett and Dante Martin.ROH

    The Kingdom’s Mike Bennett took on Prime Flight’s Dante Martin within the 2nd match of the night. Bennett had Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis by his aspect, and Dante had Darius Martin in his nook to defend up things as even because it’s seemingly you’ll also take into consideration.

    These two men are identical in measurement but work very utterly different kinds. Bennett is more technical and methodical alongside with his offense, while Martin is a excessive-flyer who favors velocity over the relaxation.

    Nonetheless, every men additionally know alter their kinds to compare their opponent, so they ended up working successfully collectively to position on an animated contest that showcased every men.

    A piledriver on the doorway ramp almost resulted in Dante being counted out, but he beat the 20-count by about a seconds to defend up the match going.

    Every men got right here stop to winning about a events before Dante scored the take with a special slam. This bout used to be factual ample to were featured on any PPV card. These guys killed it, and likewise you should to always fully exit of your system to glimpse this match.

    Winner: Dante Martin

    Grade: A-

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Dante has the kind of pleasant dropkick. 
  • The piledriver used to be a banned pass in WWE for a long time, so seeing it randomly in a match without a chief stipulation or prize on the freeway may even be magnificent usually. 
  • The indisputable fact that WWE won’t get more to realize with Maria all the design by her final flee with the firm is the kind of shame. She’s extensive at being a heel manager. 
  • Dante’s equipment powerbomb appeared extensive. 
  • Taven wearing a Jay Briscoe shirt used to be a nice contact. 

Ari Daivari and Slim J vs. Metalik and Murky Christian

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    The Trustbusters, Metalik and Blake Christian.

    The Trustbusters, Metalik and Blake Christian.ROH

    After the events of final week’s demonstrate, a ticket group match used to be booked with Slim J and Ari Daivari of The Trustbusters taking up Metalik and Blake Christian, who possess some journey tagging collectively in Original Japan Legit-Wrestling.

    Metalik and Christian had the simpler hand initially, but some heel ways from Slim and Daivari changed into the tide posthaste.

    After they had been grounded, Metalik and Christian spent a long time on defense. Daivari and Slim faded swiftly tags to defend up one man isolated for long sessions of time.

    After getting a sizzling ticket unhurried within the match, Metalik scored the take with a spinning Michinoku driver. This match used to be highly animated, in particular all the design by the 2nd half of.

    Winners: Metalik and Blake Christian

    Grade: B

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Bragging about spending $300 on an undershirt is a ordinary flex, but it’s roughly silly since you know they’re doubtlessly upright these you win in a pack of three for now not up to $10. 
  • The tilt-a-whirl backbreaker is a form of moves that looks no doubt chilly and may even be conducted quite safely by most folk. 
  • It’s so easy to neglect how long Slim J has been doing this because he would not ogle passe ample to be a 20-year former. 
  • Metalik wants more of a outlined persona. Proficient luchador is rarely always no doubt ample to assert apart him from the exact opposite masked wrestlers who’re upright as factual. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Jeeves Kay

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    Eddie Kingston and Jeeves Kay.

    Eddie Kingston and Jeeves Kay.ROH

    One other member of The Trustbusters used to be in motion this week when Jeeves Kay took on Eddie Kingston.

    Castagnoli got right here out with a drink to glimpse the match from the group. The Angry King saved his eyes on the ROH champion but never forgot concerning the actual person he used to be combating.

    He ended up knocking Claudio’s coffee in every single place him by throwing Kay into the barricade factual in front of where he used to be sitting.

    After they yelled at every other, the champ made his system to the aid while Kingston took a massive suicide dive to the face. He posthaste recovered and applied a dragon sleeper within the ring for a temporary take.

    This wasn’t a long match, but it finished its goal of making Kingston ogle bask in a badass while furthering his feud with Castagnoli.

    Winner: Eddie Kingston

    Grade: C

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Kay wearing white gloves all the design by his entrance is a nice contact. 
  • The camera used to be placed completely so Kay’s suicide dive used to be an true surprise. 

Athena vs. Hyan

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    Athena and Hyan.

    Athena and Hyan.ROH

    Hyan had a likelihood to impress a title shot this week if she used to be in a situation to defeat or final as a minimum 10 minutes in opposition to the reigning females’s champion, Athena.

    The champ has been on a roll currently, most just currently scoring a onerous-fought take over Willow all the design by the premier of ROH two weeks ago.

    Athena dominated her opponent from the moment the bell rang by the employ of aggressive, stiff offense. Hyan managed to win in a handful of moves, but that upright served to piss Athena off.

    She grabbed Hyan by the throat and brought her the entire design down to the mat so she may unleash a torrent of strikes. She almost got herself disqualified by touching an reliable, but she ended up scoring the take with a crossface.

    This used to be an limitless showing for Athena, but it doubtlessly obtained’t stay up on Hyan’s sizzle reel anytime soon.

    Winner: Athena

    Grade: C+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Athena has taken Chris Jericho’s title as the actual person with the highest ring jackets. 
  • Hyan hit some nice working kicks. 
  • The system Athena took Hyan down by her neck used to be harmful. It appeared so brutal, but that’s why it used to be extensive. 

Silas Young vs. Marcus Detrimental

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    Silas Young and Marcus Cross.

    Silas Young and Marcus Detrimental.ROH

    The final actual man in educated wrestling made his return to ROH this week when Silas Young battled Marcus Detrimental.

    Whereas Detrimental used to be now not exactly defenseless, Young surely dominated this match. This used to be all about bringing Young aid to ROH and straight away establishing him as a likelihood.

    You obtained’t procedure this talked about as the Match of the Week, but it used to be no doubt a factual performance from every guys because they did exactly what used to be expected of them.

    Young scored the soak up exactly a instant time, mighty to the delight of the group.

    Winner: Silas Young

    Grade: C+

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Young looks bask in he shall be the son of Jake Roberts. 
  • Young’s finisher is fully chilly, but it looks bask in it may be easy to compose a mistake when attempting to steadiness on the turnbuckle bask in that. 

The Embassy vs. Dalton Citadel and the Boys (6-Man Discover Titles)

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    The Embassy, Dalton Castle and The Boys.

    The Embassy, Dalton Citadel and The Boys.ROH

    Dalton Citadel and The Boys misplaced the six-man ticket titles to The Embassy at the stay of final year, so they had been taking a witness to glean their gold and their outdated skool glory on this match.

    Brian Cage, Toa Liona and Kaun had been accompanied by Prince Nana for this defense. Kaun and Citadel started for his or her teams, which used to be doubtlessly knowing because they had been the two closest competitors in measurement.

    Every teams had quite a lot of enjoyable moments, but there were events when it felt bask in they had been speeding from one pass to the following so they’ll also pack as mighty into this match because it’s seemingly you’ll also take into consideration.

    The motion used to be enjoyable and frenetic, but there were a pair of pacing issues alongside the vogue. The Embassy ended up preserving when Kaun pinned every of the Boys at the same time.

    The Embassy continued to assault them after the match used to be over, however the peaceful trio of Metalik, Christian and AR Fox chased them off.

    Winners: The Embassy

    Grade: B-

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Citadel’s gimmick is so uncommon to him that it may never be recreated by anyone else. 
  • Citadel being in a situation to regulate and peaceful hit a suplex after losing his footing used to be impressive. 
  • One in every of The Boys unintentionally screwed up a double-group put with Liona and Kaun, but it did not gradual the match down. 
  • A superkick from a man bask in Brian Cage must fracture anyone. It must not be a random pass that never locations anyone away. 

Trish Adora vs. Madison Rayne

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    Madison Rayne and Trish Adora.

    Madison Rayne and Trish Adora.ROH

    Two females had been taking a witness to upward thrust up the ranks within the ROH females’s division this week when Madison Rayne battled Trish Adora.

    Since every of these females are babyfaces, they’d a neat exchange to win things going. The tempo used to be a runt gradual initially because they had been building up as they went.

    They lacked a runt of chemistry attributable to now not having mighty journey as opponents, so about a spots and sequences ended up taking a witness awkward, and the silence from the group handiest added to that feeling.

    Adora ended up scoring the take, and each females showed admire by watching the Code of Honor after it used to be over.

    Winner: Trish Adora

    Grade: C

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman attain such an limitless job filling folk in on ROH ancient previous in a temporary system. 
  • Adora used to be unable to aid Rayne on her shoulders but rolled by to flip it correct into a particular pass and keep the put. 
  • The submission Adora faded halfway by the match used to be chilly but unrealistic because it may be very easy for Rayne to counter it. 

The Outrunners vs. Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels

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    The Outrunners, Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels.

    The Outrunners, Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels.ROH

    The Outrunners made their ROH debut this week after they took on the group of Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels.

    Fact Magnum and Turbo Floyd faded some cheap systems to defend defend watch over factual away. They saved Sydal at bay while they double-teamed Daniels in an strive and take the match early.

    The match ended up being keen instant as soon as Sydal and Daniels had been in a situation to regroup. They scored the take to win their partnership off to a factual launch.

    Winners: Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels

    Grade: C

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Fact Magnum and Turbo Floyd are improbable educated wrestling names. 
  • Aussie Launch confronted Sydal and Daniels after the match. 

Wheeler Yuta vs. Clark Connors (Pure Championship)

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    Wheeler Yuta and Clark Connors.

    Wheeler Yuta and Clark Connors.ROH

    The main tournament of the demonstrate noticed Yuta defend the ROH Pure Championship in opposition to Connors. These men are likely to be not any strangers to one but one more and the prematch video equipment stuffed us in on why they’re combating.

    As with any Pure Principles suits, this bout had a heavy emphasis on submissions and other forms of offense since punches to the face are illegal.

    Every of these men are bask in strolling Swiss navy knives when it involves educated wrestling. They’ll attain a runt little bit of every little thing.

    Ideally, the principle tournament must be the Match of the Night on any demonstrate, and that’s exactly what this used to be. On a technical level, nothing else from this demonstrate got right here stop. Moral about every little thing they did used to be finished to perfection.

    Whereas Connors build up an limitless fight, Yuta used to be in a situation to tie him up in a pinning combination to realize the take. Yuta grabbed a mic and known as out Katsuyori Shibata for a match to total the demonstrate.

    Winner: Wheeler Yuta

    Credit: A-

    Indispensable Moments and Observations

  • Connors hit a comely brainbuster at one level. 
  • Connors has an limitless pounce for a man his measurement. The system he took out Yuta appeared extensive. 
  • It’s peaceful ordinary to hear followers chanting “Yuta sucks.” 
  • Having Yuta climate a lot of slaps to power Connors to employ his one punch to interrupt the defend used to be an limitless put. Yuta hitting him aid alongside with his handiest punch a moment later used to be the icing on the cake. 

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