Razer’s first glass mouse mat comes with some unprecedented warnings

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WTF?! Glass mouse mats enjoy been round for a while now. They’re tranquil a dilemma product, but Razer has correct stepped into the market with its first entry in this space. Strangely, the company has incorporated a warning for oldsters to no longer exhaust its tempered glass mousepad as a weapon, for lighting fires, or to block the sun’s rays (or it is in general a warning against sunbathing or setting oneself alight).

The Razer Atlas is the company’s first-ever glass gaming mouse mat. Product of tempered glass, its ultra-soft surface is designed for mercurial swipes and consistent glides – compared with former cloth pads that can motive resistance when pushing a mouse round.

Razer writes that the mat is micro-etched with 2μm texturing, so it if truth be told works seamlessly with optical sensors. Or no longer it is additionally been specially handled to enable mouse swipes which would per chance be quieter than the frequent glass mat, that will usually be annoyingly noisy.

In other locations, the mat has an anti-chase rubber unfriendly to discontinue it from transferring round your desk, and it is tempered for optimum tensile energy and influence resistance, so the glass ought to no longer damage in the occasion you slam your mouse down in nettle after by sniped by a camper for the tenth time. There could be additionally a mud-repellent surface and rounded edges.

Razer has additionally incorporated a (presumably jokey) graphic on the Atlas’ product web page warning of us to no longer misuse the mouse mat. We watch the glass being worn to exaggerate the sun’s rays and start a fire. There could be additionally any individual being violently beaten about the head with the Atlas, which would per chance per chance per chance absolutely damage it, despite its sturdiness. The center image is start to interpretation, even though it appears to be like to be any individual the utilization of the Atlas to block the sun’s rays, quite than performing self-immolation.

Measuring 17.72 inches by 15.75 inches (0.19 inches thick), the Atlas is a honest size for oldsters that like moderately numerous space for their mouse actions.

While the mat works with all mice, Razer recommends pairing it with those sporting the Razer Focal point Legit 30K optical sensor found in the likes of the DeathAdder V3 Legit, as the company says this sensor tracks flawlessly on glass.

Being a like glass mannequin arrangement that at $100, the Razer Atlas is more costly than most mouse mats – or gaming mice, for that topic. Or no longer it is now accessible worldwide.

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