Poll: What Assorted GameCube Title Deserves A ’10/10′ Remake Or Remaster?

F-Zero? Eternal Darkness? Rogue Leader?

RE4 / Metroid
Image: Nintendo Existence

That it’s also possible to merely bear seen by now, however the opinions for Capcom’s Resident Contemptible 4 remake were published, signaling yet one other current survival scare traditional that would possibly maybe stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the customary.

Our bear pals over at Push Square and Pure Xbox gave the remake a ranking of 10/10 every, with the ragged stating that it is far “honest as worthy of a masterpiece currently as it became once in 2005”, and the latter claiming that “that you just would possibly maybe well also feel the care and attention to detail in every facet of how Capcom has handled this remake”. Sounds fine honest, then!

Pointless to claim, it is far not going that we can gaze the game on the Swap unless Capcom decides to utilise Cloud technology (and we’re rather sure no one in actuality desires that), however the actual fact that a remake of what became once to begin with keep a GameCube unique is getting such universal praise makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

No longer finest that, pointless to claim, however Nintendo’s bear Metroid High Remastered furthermore launched earlier this twelve months to excessive acclaim (collectively with a ranking of 10/10 from ourselves). Certainly, whereas you head on over to Metacritic now and take a look at up on the perfect-scoring video games of 2023 up to now, that you just would possibly maybe acquire that two of the head three were to begin with keep GameCube video games. Neat!

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