Originate HN: CodeComplete (YC W23) – Copilot for Endeavor

Hi there HN! We’re Max and Lydia, co-founders at CodeComplete AI (, an AI-powered coding assistant for mission corporations. Many enormous corporations can’t use merchandise treasure GitHub Copilot attributable to the protection and privacy dangers, so we’re building a self-hosted version that’s finest tuned to the company’s codebase.

We treasure Copilot and agree with that AI will change one of many top ways developers work. Max wanted to use Copilot when he became as soon as an ML engineer at Meta, however leadership blocked him attributable to Copilot requires sending company code to GitHub and OpenAI. We constructed CodeComplete attributable to a complete bunch other corporations are within the identical boat, and we’re trying to supply a genuine map for these corporations to leverage the most modern AI-powered dev tools.

To that pause, our product is actually intended for huge engineering teams at mission corporations who can’t use GitHub Copilot. This usually map teams with bigger than 200 developers which delight in strict practices against sending their code or other IP externally.

CodeComplete supplies an abilities equivalent to Copilot; we attend AI code completions as developers variety in their IDEs. On the other hand, reasonably than sending deepest code snippets to GitHub or OpenAI, we use a self-hosted LLM to attend code completions. One other advantage with self-cyber web hosting is that it’s less complicated to securely finest-tune to the company’s codebase. Copilot options aren’t repeatedly tailored to a company’s coding patterns or interior libraries, so this may perchance perchance help variety our completions more relevant and preserve away from together with tech debt.

To attend code completions, we originate with start source foundation units and enhance them with additional (permissively-licensed) datasets. Our units stay within the motivate of your firewall, both on your cloud or on-premises. For cloud deployments, now we delight in terraform scripts that purpose up our infrastructure and pull in our containers. On-prem deployments are reasonably more subtle; we work with the patron to provide a custom answer. Once the total lot’s purpose up, we prepare on your codebase and then originate serving code completions.

To make use of our product, developers merely download our extension in their IDE (VS Code currently supported, Jetbrains coming soon). After authentication, the extensions provide in-line code completion options to developers as they variety.

Since we’re a self-hosted mission product, we don’t delight in an on-line version that it’s seemingly you’ll upright take a delight in a examine, however listed below are two quick demos: (1): Python completion, finest-tuned on a mock Twitter-treasure codebase: (2) Java completion for “leetcode”-fashion complications, treasure changing integers to roman numerals:

We put off privacy and safety severely. By default, our deployments only ship motivate heartbeat messages to our servers. Our product logs usage info and code snippets to the company’s possess interior database so that they’ll overview our performance and make stronger their units over time. Firms delight in the chance to share a subset of that info with us (e.g. completion acceptance fee, mannequin probabilities output, latencies, and a total lot of others), however we don’t require it. We never sight your code or every other psychological property.

We cost essentially based on seat licenses. For mission corporations, these contracts usually search info from custom scoping and requirements. In classic though, our pricing will be at a top fee to GitHub Copilot since there may perchance be main technical and operational overhead with offering a self-hosted product treasure this.

Having fetch admission to to those forms of tools would delight in saved us a bunch of time in our old jobs, so we’re actually furious to characterize this to every person. Once you happen to can also very successfully be having similar factors with safety and privacy at your present company, please attain out to us at [email protected]! We’d pick to listen to your feedback.

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