Original Particulars Emerge In Shanquella Robinson Smash, Suspect Listed On Arrest Warrant Confirmed

A 26-one year-historical lady named Daejhanae Jackson is reportedly wished by Mexican authorities for the kill of Shanquella Robinson. In step with The Charlotte Observer, attorneys Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson identified Jackson because the suspect in Robinson’s kill through a letter written to President Joe Biden.

Furthermore, the correspondence displays data now not beforehand released referring to Robinson’s kill.

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The letter from attorneys refers to a pair prosecutor data now not beforehand released. https://t.co/A9eniTi4Qd

— The Charlotte Observer (@theobserver) March 14, 2023

The Attorneys Are Imploring US Officers To “Act On A Pending Extradition Ask”

In step with The Charlotte Observer, Crump and Robinson despatched a letter to the White Dwelling on March 13. The correspondence, which changed into moreover shared with the outlet, confirmed Daejhanae Jackson because the suspect wished by police in Cabo, Mexico for Shanquella Robinson’s kill.

Right here is the girl Daejhanae Jackson who we watched assault Shanquella Robinson …. #justiceforquella #mexicotrip pic.twitter.com/aQFTvastdP

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Within the letter, the attorneys implored “U.S. officials to behave on a pending extradition request.” Or employ over the case themselves and prosecute Jackson in the US.

Atlanta Sad Well-known person shared an excerpt of the letter, which they bought a reproduction of through e mail.

“On behalf of the family of Shanquella Robinson, we write to request instantaneous diplomatic intervention from the United States Authorities in this transnational prison case. The case entails the loss of life of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-one year-historical ambitious, shimmering, entrepreneur and American Citizen.”

In step with Atlanta Sad Well-known person, the letter moreover refers again to the “swift diplomatic intervention” of the US referring to the newest case of 4 kidnapped People in Mexico, as beforehand reported by The Shade Room.

“Now we own got factual witnessed what a swift concurrent response from Mexican and U.S. legislation enforcement companies appears appreciate in the kidnapping case of a community of U.S. Electorate at Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Every scenarios we’re inquiring for on behalf of Shanquella Robinson’s family require a high stage of swift diplomatic intervention.”

Extra Findings About The Case

In step with The Charlotte Observer, the letter entails “findings” from a newest outing Sue-Ann Robinson took to Mexico.

It reportedly displays that Jackson changed into even handed one of three people who returned Robinson’s baggage from the Cabo outing to her mother’s dwelling in Charlotte. Furthermore, the outlet reviews that Jackson falsely suggested Robinson’s mother that she had died from alcohol poisoning

A package accompanying the letter moreover capabilities 18 pages of extra data including post-mortem. To boot to “some prosecutor and police data now not beforehand released.”

In step with Atlanta Sad Well-known person, the plump medical examiner’s story has now published that Robinson had “bodily injuries that occurred 12 hours sooner than her loss of life.” Extra specifically, the girl suffered a “head injury that ended in interior bleeding in her brain.”

Furthermore, Robinson “suffered a exclaim blow to the left aspect of her hip.” The fair aspect of her hip changed into moreover “bruised” and she or he had bruises on even handed one of her hands. The “form or manner” of her loss of life has been labeled as “violent” on the story.

Furthermore, the medical examiner realized injuries to her chest wall which would per chance per chance even be according to resuscitation efforts.

Robinson’s predicament off of loss of life has been contributed to a broken neck.

The “Cabo 6” Allegedly Went Out To Dinner Following Robinson’s Death

In step with Atlanta Sad Well-known person, a concierge assigned to the Cabo villa where Robinson and her tripmates stayed has moreover shared contemporary data about their actions following Robinson’s loss of life.

The concierge, named Suni Jehseel Popoca Millan, noticed the community at a dinner for the length of their fling and suggested police that Robinson “regarded now not to slot in.”

“Once I presented myself, she didn’t greet me or smile, she changed into indifferent, nothing to construct with the atmosphere of celebration.”

The next day, the man mentioned he bought a text from Jackson inquiring for the whereabouts of the closest medical facility.

“I suspect my fair real friend has alcohol poisoning and desires emergency carrier and any individual to divulge or translate in Spanish for us.”

Popoca Milan known as a health care provider. Then bought some other text, two hours later, informing him that Robinson changed into “unconscious and had been hospitalized.” Later that day, he changed into suggested about her loss of life and went encourage to the villa to study on her tripmates.

When he arrived, he gave Jackson his condolences “since she changed into the predominant person on the reservation.” Nevertheless, when he asked for permission to hug her, he mentioned she regarded “cool.”

“I left that dwelling and stayed exterior to give them dwelling to grieve; minutes later, I heard laughter.”

Popoca Milan explained that the community later asked for transportation to exit to dinner.

The Monster who viciously beat her to loss of life:

1) Daejhanae Jackson

The people who witnessed, recorded & posted her kill:

2) Wenter Donovan

3) Alysse Michelle Hyatt

4) Malik St Patrick Dyer

5) Nazeer Wiggin

6) Khalil Cooke#JusticeForShanquellaRobinson #ShanquellaRobinson pic.twitter.com/bUa4MQwpFY

— Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) November 16, 2022

As The Shade Room beforehand reported, Shanquella Robinson died whereas on fling with 6 different “friends” in Cabo, Mexico in November. A video later surfaced on social media of Robinson being assaulted, allegedly, by Jackson. Irrespective of Robinson’s family being suggested that she handed away from alcohol poisoning.

I’m so disgusted after hearing about this myth. Now we own got to accept Justice for #shanquellarobinson 😡 I’m pissed and apprehensive. #justiceforshanquella pic.twitter.com/pl7vaPZUim

— JimyOfficial (@OfficialJimy) November 16, 2022

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