Nota: A Doc Language for the Browser

// This code is editable!

%(let nota = @stable{@Smallcaps{Nota}})


#nota is a language for writing paperwork, love instructional papers and weblog posts.


The aim of @Ref{nota} is to @stable{carry paperwork into the #(20 + 1)st century.}

Paperwork maintain a lot of structure — as an illustration, “@Ref{nota}” is a reference to a term outlined within the earlier paragraph. @Ref{nota} permits authors to @em{describe} that structure, which permits the finding out medium (the browser) to @em{realize} that structure, which in flip empowers readers to @em{spend} that structure. Strive clicking on any “@Ref{nota}” reference to search out this thought in motion. (Then try double-clicking!)

A @Ref{nota} document compiles to a JavaScript program, that means it be easy to:


@li{Scrutinize paperwork on any tool that has a net based browser.}

@li{Employ variables, functions, and data structures to simplify document writing.}

@li{Integrate with JavaScript libraries love @a[href=“”]{KaTeX}, @a[href=“”]{Vega-Lite}, and @a[href=“”]{Penrose}.}

@li{Toughen accessibility wants love cloak cloak readers.}


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