Neon And Gnarly Roguelike ‘Elsie’ Will get New ‘Bosses And Biomes’ Trailer

In a position to dawdle-and-gun?

Writer Playtonic Associates has lately printed a brand unique trailer for its upcoming neon-drenched roguelike, Elsie, and it is having a trace dwelling to be a moderately one — ‘moderately’ in its visuals, and ‘moderately difficult’ in its gameplay.

Developed by Knight Shift Games, Elsie will study about you taking on the position of the titular persona in an try to place your world from the mess ups which have confidence long befallen it. To attain so, you have confidence to build your methodology thru a series of environments every packed to the brim with dangerous hoards of enemy robots dispatching every of them with your arsenal of explosive weapons (to this level, so roguelike).

While it can also fair no longer sound esteem it is going to transform the vogue, basically the most contemporary trailer from Playtonic does blow their very have confidence horns a few of the game’s biomes and opponents, the neon pixel artwork of which is simply nice to trace at. For moderately extra details about a few of the upcoming aspects to boot to some screenshots, test out the next from the game’s Steam web say:


– Adrenaline pumping platforming with out of the ordinary parry system

– Procedurally generated runs thru neon-drenched pixel phases

– Never-ending synergies with dozens of weapons, skills and augments

– A full bunch replayability with hours of say and on daily basis challenges

We wouldn’t have confidence a agency date for when Elsie will start on Swap outdoors of ‘2023’, but we will doubtless be obvious to maintain you all up to this level as rapidly as extra necessary components are printed.

What attain you build of Elsie from this unique trailer? Allow us to grasp within the comments.

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