NASCAR complications extreme penalties to Hendrick Motorsports

NASCAR severely penalized Hendrick Motorsports on Tuesday for complications with the hood louvers that used to be chanced on on all four Hendrick vehicles final weekend at Phoenix Raceway.

NASCAR issued the following penalties:

Docked Alex Bowman, Kyle Larson and William Byron 100 points and likewise penalized them 10 playoff points each and each.

Suspended crew chiefs Cliff Daniels, Alan Gustafson, Rudy Fugle and Blake Harris four races each and each. NASCAR also fined each and each $100,000.

NASCAR penalized each and each of the four Hendrick group 100 owner points and 10 playoff points.

NASCAR confiscated the hood louvers (air vents) from all four Hendrick vehicles after Friday’s practice at Phoenix Raceway. Series officials chanced on a likely dispute prior to practice, allowed the Hendrick groups to tear the session, after which took the aspects afterward.

The hood louvers are single-sourced aspects.

NASCAR increased penalties final year on single-sourced aspects.

“The auto used to be a collaborative project, designed to emphasise performance on the song and the unmatched skills of our groups, drivers and pit crews,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR chief running officer, in January 2022. “There will seemingly be stable penalties for any groups who tear contrary to that label so the fans can point of curiosity on our drivers and the out of the ordinary racing expected from NASCAR.”

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NASCAR complications extreme penalties to Hendrick Motorsports first and predominant looked on

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