Meet Nerf’s Recent Mascot: An Eyeless, Foam Mosey-Coated Bigfoot

Nerf has been a childhood staple for an extended time, with squishy sports activities tools and foam-streak guns, nonetheless or no longer it is never had a mascot — unless this day. Meet Murph, a… successfully, a one thing in a huge swimsuit that’s covered in foam darts.

Eyeless Technicolor Bigfoot? Gritty’s noodly cousin? Murph is a vital thriller. It appears treasure or no longer it is carrying a rainbow ghillie swimsuit that will presumably well no longer be out of fame at quite one’s birthday party (or a rave). But that’s too pedestrian a description for Murph, “the personification of the mischievous spirit — the person that can handiest be unleashed with Nerf,” as an announcement describes the mascot. 

You are going to be seeing extra of Murph on the Nerf social media channels and in retail shops because the emblem leans into its fresh avatar, which is quite unsettling unless you consider how many other no doubt unhinged mascots producers own deployed to join with kids (The Noid, anybody?). Murph suits appropriate in with the peculiar commercials that come on for the interval of teens TV reveals. 

And I must admit, having Murph nearby so that it is probably going you’ll presumably well pluck off foam darts for the interval of heated Nerf blaster fights would be quite helpful.

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