Mailroom: What’s on Your Thoughts?

Indulge in a burning inquire of about motocross, supercross, off-street or dirt bikes that you just desire to our workers to answer to? Imprint something intelligent or silly that you just suspect our readers would be drawn to?

Even as you beget gotten something to quiz or instruct, genuine enable us to clutch at [email protected]. Your letter could well per chance bound within the next instruct of Racer X, and whether it is far the very best seemingly of the bunch, you can bewitch our Letter of the Month prize.

Listed below are some pointers to getting your letters in print and per chance winning something frigid:

  1. Preserve them brief. We can not bound letters which could maybe be five and six paragraphs prolonged (or longer)
  2. Re-read them sooner than submitting
  3. Embrace your fleshy name, and your metropolis and order (and country if exterior the usa)
  4. Embrace photos when relevant

Write us now!

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