Lensm: Trot Assembly and Source Viewer

A instrument for viewing assembly and source.


Set up with the fresh Trot commands:

tear install[email protected] major

For Linux that you just can need to add some additional dependencies. That you can well moreover employ tear install --tags nowayland[email protected] major or tear install --tags nox11[email protected] major respectively to skip constructing Wayland or X11 model.

To tear the program provide a conventional expression filter for the
image you might maybe well stare. -peek allows to robotically
reload the executable and files when it modifications.

lensm -peek -filter Fibonacci lensm

Repeat: This technique requires a binary that’s constructed for your computer, in every other case the source code for the functions can no longer be loaded.


I wrote a weblog put up at on why and the device the core functionality works.

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