Launch HN: Blyss (YC W23) – Homomorphic encryption as a provider

Hi everyone! I’m Samir, and my co-founder Neil and I are building Blyss ( Blyss is an start source homomorphic encryption SDK, on hand as a fully managed provider.

Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) permits computation on encrypted recordsdata. Here is really the last privacy guarantee – a server that does work for its customers (treasure fetching emails, tweets, or search outcomes), with out ever understanding what its customers are doing – who they test with, who they notice, or even what they seek for. Servers the utilize of FHE offer you cryptographic proof that they aren’t spying on you.

Unfortunately, performing overall computation the utilize of FHE is notoriously slack. We now possess eager on fixing a easy, yell concern: retrieve an item from a key-cost store, with out revealing to the server which item used to be retrieved.

By specializing in retrievals, we stop gigantic speedups that impact Blyss gleaming for loyal-world functions: a password scanner treasure “Gather I Been Pwned?” that assessments your credentials in opposition to breaches, nonetheless never learns the relaxation about your password (, arena title servers that don’t accumulate to demand what domains you’re fetching (, and social apps that enable you to sight out which of your contacts are already on the platform, with out letting the provider search for your contacts (…).

Huge companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft) are already the utilize of non-public retrieval: Chrome and Edge utilize this technology as of late to test URLs in opposition to blocklists of known phishing sites, and test user passwords in opposition to hacked credential dumps, with out seeing any of the underlying URLs or passwords.

Blyss makes it easy for developers to utilize homomorphic encryption from a well-diagnosed, Firebase-treasure interface. That you can per chance salvage a method to make key-cost recordsdata buckets, contain them with recordsdata, and then impact cryptographically private retrievals. No entity, now now not even the Blyss provider itself, can learn which items are retrieved from a Blyss bucket. We contend with the total server infrastructure, and retain tough start source JS clients, with the cryptography written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly. We even possess an start source server that it is doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also host yourself.

(Facet visual display unit: reasonably about a what drew us to this concern is ideal how paradoxical the private retrieval guarantee sounds—it appears to be like intuitively treasure it wants to be not doubtless to accumulate recordsdata from a server with out it learning what you retrieve! The general thought of how right here is fundamentally that that it is doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also imagine is: the shopper encrypts a one-sizzling vector (all 0’s besides a single 1) the utilize of homomorphic encryption, and the server is able to ‘multiply’ these by the database with out learning the relaxation about the underlying encrypted values. The dot manufactured from the encrypted ask and the database yields an encrypted result. The shopper decrypts this, and will get the database item it wanted. To the server, the total inputs and outputs take care of exclusively opaque. We now possess a weblog put up explaining more, with photos, that used to be on HN beforehand:

Neil and I met eight years ago on the first day of freshman year of college; we’ve been simplest guests (and roommates!) since. We’re privacy nerds—sooner than Blyss, I labored at Yubico, and Neil labored at Apple. I’ve had an tutorial hobby in homomorphic encryption for years, nonetheless it turned into a gleaming hobby when a non-public Wikipedia demo I posted on HN ( turned into favorite, and folks started requesting a easy methodology to fabricate products the utilize of this technology.

Our client and server are MIT start source (, and we opinion to impress cash as a hosted server. Since the server is subtle to operate at scale, and is never fragment of the belief model, we think this makes sense for every us and our prospects. Other folks possess outdated Blyss to fabricate block explorers, DNS resolvers, and malware scanners; that it is doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also search for some highlights in our playground:

We now possess a generous free tier, and you accumulate an API key as rapidly as you log in. For manufacturing utilize, our pricing is usage-based mostly fully mostly: $1 will get you 10okay private reads on a 1 GB database (better databases scale charges linearly). That you can per chance salvage a method to also tear the server yourself.

Interior most retrieval is a fully original building block for privacy – we are in a position to’t wait to demand what you’ll fabricate with it! Let us know what you watched, or even as you occur to’ve any questions about Blyss or homomorphic encryption in overall.

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