LANDR Launches Contemporary Mastering API for Creator Tools Platforms and Apps

LANDR is bringing its flagship mastering product to extra creator tools platforms, because of its novel API. It will permit other apps and platforms to spend the complete core facets of LANDR’s groundbreaking AI-powered mastering technology, honest where the person is. The API is launching with two partners, Offtop, an app that enables creators to write and file corpulent vocal references on the hobble, and DAO, an artist services and products platform that mixes manufacturing, advertising and marketing, and distribution.

“LANDR Mastering defined what AI can gain for song and role the conventional for tag novel mastering technology,” explains Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO. “This novel API will permit us to combine this tech without lengthen into partners’ products. To build it merely, they are going to be ready so as to add the API to the tools they give their users.”

Through LANDR’s API, partners will be ready to give users the on-line mastering journey LANDR Mastering is effectively-known for, including three previewable loudness settings and mastering styles  that match a wide series of song genres and audio approaches. They will accomplish gain admission to to LANDR’s grand patented machine-studying engine, which a tall dedicated crew of builders and audio mavens update regularly.

“LANDR is the industry chief for accessible, high quality masters. Through this API integration, we’re ready to give thousands of artists gain admission to to LANDR’s AI mastering technology on their mobile cell phone to make obvious every figuring out they preserve sounds tall,” said Sam Hamad, co-founder of OffTop.

Customers will accomplish withhold watch over of their audio quality, placing an discontinuance to inconsistent, mediocre-sounding audio for their video, DJ role, or song projects. It will give them this vitality without requiring them to head away the accomplice’s platform–reducing friction and serving to creators function their projects.

“Audio quality is an underappreciated element of what makes a song or a video hobble viral,” notes Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Formulation and Partnerships and GRAMMY-nominated, Oscar-winning audio engineer and producer. “We’re serving to partners lift the bar on their audio quality, which in flip will relieve preserve users and subscribers and enhance the general quality of what creators can abolish and share.”

This API is fragment of LANDR’s overall imaginative and prescient of offering reliable-grade tools to creators in any respect levels of their dawdle, assembly artists, producers, and audio creators where they are. “LANDR’s platform is designed to obvious away all roadblocks to advent, from the first notes or beats to the closing polish of mastering,” says Pilon. “We’re searching for to explain about a of this artist-friendly simplicity to our industry partners, to relieve extra creators place their visions.”

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