‘Jeopardy!’ champ Mattea Roach’s successful fade ends in surprising $1 loss

It used to be a buck crumple.

The fifth-easiest “Jeopardy!” contestant had her speed attain to an discontinue after missing a Final Jeopardy search data from in a game that came down to literally the closing buck on Friday evening.

Mattea Roach — a 23-year-gentle Canadian tutor who received $560,983 over the course of the 23 video games — held a lead of $19,200 into the closing spherical, but faltered when asked to list the 2 mayors who gave their names to a facility built on the grounds of a gentle racetrack, one owned by Coca Cola “magnate” Asa Candler.

Perchance in the spirit of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, the bewildered Roach guessed, “Who are Churchill and Downs? idk.”

She wagered and lost $3,601 whereas challenger Danielle Maurer — a digital marketing and marketing supervisor and Georgia resident — answered precisely.

Maurer had only $11,400 heading into Final Jeopardy and bet $4,200 to nab the earn by a ranking of $15,600 vs. Roach’s $15,599.

Mattea Roach was admittedly stumped on her final, Final Jeopardy question.
Mattea Roach used to be admittedly stumped on her closing Final Jeopardy search data from.
Tyler Golden/Sony Pictures Telev

“Obviously I didn’t attain thru in the closing one, but I restful in actuality feel so happy and so lucky to like had this skills,” Roach mentioned.

However her speed on the game expose has left Roach in a very elite category, only being surpassed by “Jeopardy!” legends Ken Jennings, most modern phenoms Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio, alongside with James Holzhauer for every money and video games received.

“When I factor in the caliber of these four avid gamers, I truly don’t in actuality feel like I deserve to be mentioned in the identical breath as them to be factual,” Roach added.

Mattea Roach set an impressive show record with 23 straight wins.
Mattea Roach residing an excellent expose myth with 23 straight wins.

“And there’s a noticeable monetary gap between my money and theirs, but it completely’s an astonishing accomplishment. Admire, I will’t give it some belief. It’s such a broad honor that I’m being spoken of when it comes to folks like Ken, James, Matt, Amy.  It’s, wow. There’s no words.”

Roach, who mentioned her time on the expose “feels restful extra or much less like a dream,” used to be mercurial to admit she began her speed with humble expectations.

“I truly came down here hoping to per chance earn one game and so I restful can’t give it some belief.”

Roach admitted to having tiny expectations when she first appeared on
Roach admitted to managing her expectations when she first regarded on “Jeopardy!”

Before her elimination, the “Jeopardy!” elite also sounded off on who she feels might also merely restful change into the expose’s next eternal host.

“I would boom Ken attributable to his ancient past with the expose,” Roach knowledgeable Vulture of essentially the most modern host. “As a contestant, there’s one thing in actuality special about being on stage with the greatest participant of all time. Someone who understands in a extraordinarily visceral potential what it’s like to be for your situation.”

Then all all over again, she did encompass form words for host and scientist-turned into-actor, Mayim Bialik.

“Mayim is amazing, but she doesn’t like that identical skills.”

However it completely’s no longer the tip of Roach’s road ethical yet. The impressive petite one — who mentioned her winnings are going towards student loans — will return for the Tournament of Champions next tumble.

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