IKEA Recalls Mirrors This skill that of Laceration Hazard

Establish of Product:



The plastic fittings that connect the think to the wall can break, causing the think to plunge, posing a laceration hazard to customers.

Blueprint end Date:

March 16, 2023


About 22,400 (Besides, about 17,500 had been equipped in Canada)

Blueprint end Shrimp print


This safe involves all sizes of LETTAN flat mirrors. The mirrors are frameless, about 38 inches high and had been equipped in 23, 31, 39 and 47 inches wide.  The recalled mirrors like a date sign before and in conjunction with 2105 (YYWW). The date sign is in (YYWW) format where basically the critical two digits signify the year and the leisure two digits signify the week of plan. The date sign is found on the abet of the think.


Shoppers would possibly well presumably unruffled straight rupture the utilization of the recalled mirrors and obtain in contact with IKEA to advise a free dwelling of replace wall fittings and directions. Alternatively, possibilities can return the think to any IKEA retailer for a corpulent refund. Proof of purchase (receipt) is no longer required to safe a corpulent refund.


IKEA has obtained 55 incident reports globally, and one describe of the plastic fittings coming unfastened and the think falling off the wall in the U.S.

Offered At:

IKEA stores nationwide and on-line at from December 2019 thru October 2022 for between $23 and $56


IKEA Present AG, of Switzerland

IKEA US Retail LLC, of Virginia

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Display veil: Particular person Commissioners will like statements connected to this matter. Please visit to survey statements connected to this or completely different issues.

About the U.S. CPSC

The U.S. Client Product Safety Price (CPSC) is charged with preserving the public from unreasonable possibility of injury or loss of life connected with the utilization of hundreds of forms of user products. Deaths, injuries, and property injury from user product-connected incidents fee the nation more than $1 trillion each year. CPSC’s work to verify that the safety of user products has contributed to a decline in the fee of injuries connected with user products over the final 50 years.

Federal regulations prohibits any particular person from selling products field to a Price ordered safe or a voluntary safe undertaken in session with the CPSC.

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