If You Squirt All the method in which thru Intercourse—Or Wish to Try!—The Liberator Blanket Is a Godsend

Because I are trying to manufacture my search results as revealing as conceivable, let’s stoop ahead and get this out of the formulation: I’m a squirter. As in, I launch liquid after I intensely orgasm. And no longer a trickle—we’re speaking a torrential downpour. Though ejaculation isn’t a subject I once quickly get into with others, squirting (like crying) will delight in to you come is a odd phenomenon that’s equal components palatable and extremely messy. Fortunately, my job as a SELF commerce editor opened my eyes to the sphere of sex blankets—and I’m here to share that the Liberator Fascinator waterproof throw is a godsend for gushers like me.

For context, I’m single and now and again mingle. I’m also a cat mom who covers her mattress in waterproof pet blankets to fight their shedding and coughed-up hairballs. My prolonged-time resolution to solo squirting modified into layering a mode of (tidy!) pet blankets or a towel over my comforter—neither of which is totally 100% waterproof, however they work after I’m climaxing simplest once or twice (assuredly with the abet of my popular vibrator). Within the previous yr, nonetheless, I came upon myself in a few situationships, which resulted in extra fixed sexual abilities than I’ve had sooner than—and lots extra squirting. 

I hastily came upon that after I genuinely delight in a entire lot of orgasms, it’s like I’ve dumped a entire lot of bottles of water (blended with pee) onto my mattress. Does it genuinely feel correct? Sure. Is it convenient? Utterly no longer. My work-around blankets would possibly perhaps presumably perhaps not withstand that quantity of liquid, leaving my sheets spoiled and wet. Plus, who has to scrub every single dirty linen after? Squirtle over here! Few things dilute the joys of sex extra than the hovering alarm of how great laundry you’ll must fabricate.

How does the Liberator sex blanket work?

To fight the waterworks, I perused SELF’s e-book to the preferrred sex blankets, which, as SELF previously reported, are waterproof throws which can presumably perhaps be namely made to lend a hand sheets and surfaces dry and tidy. Liberator kindly gifted me the odd size (72 by 54 inches) of its Fascinator, a sex blanket that’s constructed a bit like length underwear, with one moisture-proof layer that’s sealed with a velvety top layer. I selected the unlit colorway, which has a shrimp sheen to it, and modified into at the moment impressed by how great extra luxurious it regarded than my fuzzy white pet blanket (no longer to level to it’s a extra functional coloration for hiding messes). 

The blanket covered about two thirds of my queen-size mattress and didn’t fling whereas I modified positions with my partner. The fabric felt slippery-soft and mushy against my skin. With out reference to modified into happening with those waterproof layers held up to a entire lot of orgasms: At the terminate of the evening, the Fascinator felt simplest lightly damp, and my odd bedding modified into totally dry underneath. The preferrred thing I had to machine-wash modified into the sex blanket, and after it dried, it modified into thin enough to tuck compactly into a drawer, willing for future sex-ventures.

Ought to gentle you procure it?

In a roundabout method, I’m so overjoyed I upgraded to the Liberator Fascinator sex blanket. The odd size charges $155, and though it’s a bit dear, I’m already contemplating getting a second (as backup, in case I must get wet and wild two days in a row). Not simplest did the blanket offer protection to my bedding (and precious time), however whereas I inclined it I came upon myself enjoyable extra than odd, perhaps as a consequence of I knew the blanket modified into designed explicitly for folks like me (versus pets). As an alternate of feeling sticky and confused, I modified into ready to totally sort out my pleasure—the preferrred and preferrred revenue of all.

Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw Blanket (Customary Dimension)


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