Identify Birds by Their Chirp

Chicken ID Wizard—Step-by-step

Retort three easy questions about a bird you furthermore mght can very successfully be attempting to title and Merlin will come up with a list of doable suits. Merlin offers almost at present identification support for all phases of bird watchers to permit you be taught the birds precise thru the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Enter size, color and behavior to identify your bird.

Identify Chicken Songs and Calls

Sound ID listens to the birds spherical you and shows accurate-time solutions for who’s singing. Review your recording to the songs and calls in Merlin to substantiate what you heard. Readily available for birds in the US, Canada, and Europe. Extra species and areas coming almost at present. 

Merlin will listen to the birds you are hearing and identify them.

Select a bird in your photo and Merlin will identify it for you

Identify Birds in a Checklist

Snap a characterize of a bird, or pull one in out of your digicam roll, and Checklist ID will provide a rapid list of doable suits. Checklist ID works fully offline, so that you furthermore mght can title birds in the photography you consume whatever the place you are.

Assign Birds to Your Existence Checklist

Assemble a digital scrapbook of your birding recollections with Assign My Chicken. Faucet “This is my bird!” at any time at the same time as you pick a bird, and Merlin will add it to your increasing life list.

Save birds to your life list right through the Merlin app

Detect Lists of Birds Come You

Merlin is powered by eBird, allowing you to assemble personalized lists of the birds you’re likely to field wherever you furthermore mght can very successfully be. Employ the filter alternate choices to explore birds for varied areas or time of year, or switch to point out all the species in the Chicken Packs you’ve downloaded. Come by more from the app with these Merlin Suggestions and Techniques.

View a list of likely birds near you, listen to their sounds, view photos and read more about them.

Gape How Merlin Can Support You ID Birds

The Most attention-grabbing Birding App, Powered By You

Merlin aspects basically the most efficient of community contributed pictures, songs, and calls, guidelines from consultants spherical the area to permit you ID the birds you look, and fluctuate maps from Birds of the World—all powered by billions of bird observations submitted to eBird.

The Merlin app featuring photography, range maps, songs and calls.

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