How Roblox hopes to assuage user advocates’ safety concerns with its original ad requirements

On Wednesday, Roblox introduced a slate of original ad requirements and policy adjustments, the most up-to-date change on its plans to enter the on-line selling market in 2023. The aim of the original requirements is to elongate transparency round Roblox’s ad offerings and assuage user advocates’ concerns about little one safety on the metaverse platform. 

Roblox’s player sinister has traditionally been dominated by users aged 13 or less, but Roblox chief industry officer Craig Donato prompt Digiday that advertisers’ coveted 17-24 age bracket is the platform’s quickest-rising demographic neighborhood. One procedure or the opposite year’s Roblox Developers Convention, CEO and founder Dave Baszucki prompt attendees that over half of of Roblox users are 13 or older.

“We’re starting up to salvage declare that’s if truth be told focusing on the 17-plus audience,” Donato said.

No topic these demographic shifts, Roblox remains wildly celebrated among children within the US. The rising presence of brands on the platform has sparked concerns among some user advocates, who anxiousness that children will no longer have the opportunity to easily parse the adaptation between unbranded Roblox experiences and so-called “advergames.”

The outdated day’s updates straight addressed just a few of these concerns. Intelligent forward, Roblox is imposing a original selling API to be clear that that neither Roblox-served adverts nor builders’ honest adverts will be shown to users below 13 years aged. All Roblox builders will must explicitly repeat when one among their experiences is a paid-for advertisement, even supposing they’ll within the slay be allowed to assemble the decision themselves concerning whether or no longer or no longer their declare is an ad.

To study more concerning the technique behind Roblox’s original ad requirements, Digiday contacted Roblox’s Donato for the next annotated Q&A.

This conversation has been edited and condensed for measurement and readability.


Brands desire to deem about how they build a presence on this world, to capture with customers. I own in tips when the glean got right here about, and kinds had been enjoy, “we desire a web recount” — and that used to be roughly a crazy factor, honest? And then social media got right here about, and kinds said, “oh, we must own a presence on Instagram and Facebook.” 

I deem we’re on this moment the set up, in January, we had 5 billion hours of usage, predominantly among younger folks, of us spending two and a half of hours a day plus on our platform — and I deem brands try to set up out what’s the relevant procedure to capture customers on Roblox. It’s an incredible opportunity, but it’s fairly subtle; it’s a label-original layout.


The comparability between the upward thrust of metaverse platforms and the upward thrust of social media is priceless, because it lets marketers without gaming abilities wrap their minds round why and the procedure in which they may perchance perchance are looking to secure their label challenging about Roblox. However no longer all Roblox creators do away with to be in contact of the platform in these phrases. 

Matthew Warneford, the CEO of the Roblox pattern studio Dubit, believes a comparability to tv selling is more correct — and peaceable helps the root that brands shouldn’t be ignoring Roblox. “Every label of a clear scale will promote on TV; they don’t try to supply their relish leisure declare, necessarily,” he said. “They correct plod the set up the audience is. As we notice brands secure smarter, they’ll ticket that no longer all brands desire to own their relish award-profitable destination.” 

On the presence of unlicensed branded declare in Roblox


Here is repeatedly one thing we’re very sensitive to, because we speed a immense creator financial system, so honoring the rights of creators to relish their IP is clearly extremely significant to us. So we reply very rapidly to DMCA takedown requests, and there’s all forms of things we invent on the quest aspect. Here is one thing we fully comprise very seriously, and I deem we’ve repeatedly been extremely attentive to it. 

What we discover in some cases, although, is that some brands don’t are looking to necessarily document it. From time to time it’s enjoy fan media, the set up the neighborhood is taking their IP and doing all those things. It’s within the slay the brands’ call, and it doubtlessly relies on the procedure in which it’s being ancient in all these scenarios.


Up to now, brands own reacted in vastly diverse methods to the unlicensed spend of their merchandise and symbols in Roblox experiences. On the height of the popularity of “Squid Game,” Netflix made no effort to crack down on the multitude of reward-inspired experiences that cropped up on the platform; on the different hand, the Roblox abilities “Utilizing Empire” has utilized and removed recreations of real car brands’ autos all around the last year as avid gamers own complained about their unlicensed spend.

As Roblox rolls out its original ad requirements, brands may perchance perchance warm as a lot as such unlicensed spend of their merchandise. Unlicensed label experiences aren’t paid-for adverts, that procedure they won’t desire to be disclosed as such below Roblox’s original policies.


We produced a policy a minimal of six months within the past, maybe a year within the past, that said you may perchance perchance have the opportunity to’t invent third-party ad serving. Whenever you’re going to position declare on your abilities, that you simply must face behind it; you may perchance perchance have the opportunity to’t own any individual else dynamically abet it. It wants to transfer through our moderation flows, and the records wants to close on-platform. So with this, we’re correct reiterating that. 


Roblox’s decision to crack down on third-party selling networks is a blow to the in-game selling alternate, which already struggles from its lack of top rate inventory. As properties enjoy Roblox and Fortnite remodel from video games into metaverse platforms, they are taking more notify adjust over their ad inventory, additional decreasing the amount of game experiences readily available as inventory for the pre-present networks.

On the be conscious “advergame”


I don’t enjoy that be conscious, because it assumes that, correct because a label is expounded to it, it’s selling. Here is the distinction we’re looking to blueprint. All any other time, brands are producing TikToks, they’re producing YouTube, they are producing photos on Instagram. That declare is mostly correct natural declare; in most cases it is also even handed selling. We’re looking to be mountainous clear, it’s [an ad] if they’re straight selling and selling a product or carrier.


Whereas there’s clearly a distinction between a branded Roblox abilities equivalent to Vans World and billboards inside Roblox, both are within the slay attempting to supply affinity with a label — and secure Roblox users to use more money on its merchandise, whether or no longer or no longer there’s an ad straight selling a product or carrier. Roblox’s original requirements will nearly indubitably consequence in elevated  ad transparency on the platform, but time will elaborate whether or no longer the adjustments fulfill the user advocates who own previously expressed concerns.

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