What Happened on Home of the Dragon? Here’s Our Recap of Season 2, Episode 2.

WITH THE TABLE now put, it’s time to delight in. Season premieres, in particular ones with as noteworthy myth desk-atmosphere as Home of the Dragon, tend to be slower-paced affairs, nonetheless with the loss of life of little one Jaehaerys, the show is formally off to the races. “I desire war,” screams Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney). Nicely, bud, you’re about to rating it!

This week’s episode is a turning of the dial closer to nighttime. We’re on the fringe of war, and every single motion will handiest push the temperature up better and better, making that possibility a truth. The season’s 2nd episode dives deep into the pure results of such an invasive act by asking who you would possibly perchance presumably additionally belief and letting the chips descend where they’ll.

Nonetheless as with all issues in Home of the Dragon, the solutions of belief and loyalty are repeatedly engaging, cloaked in shades of grey in desire to stark contrasts of unlit and white. And this week, in particular, every person looks to beget belief points. Let’s damage all of it down.

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Have confidence Components for Rhaenyra and the Hightowers

house of the dragon rhaenyra daemon

Theo Whiteman

The precipice of war isn’t the good time to impeach the loyalty of the troopers round you. Have confidence points come for every the Hightowers and Rhaneyra (Emma D’Arcy) this week. Episode 2 establishes these stakes early on, as the puny council calls out the postulate of snakes hiding amongst the bushes. The Greens, at the starting attach, reputedly know the provision of their wretchedness. The killing of little one Jaehaerys is immediately (and precisely) posited to be from the various aspect. Nonetheless even supposing they assumed incorrectly, Otto’s shrewd and dreadful thought to parade across the physique earns huge sympathy—at the charge of leveraging Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and Helaena (Phia Saban) as items on a chess board.

The model Larys (Matthew Needham) sowed seeds of doubt round Otto in closing week’s episode felt fancy the Inexperienced’s master of secrets and tactics was once scheming for his beget back, nonetheless this week we scrutinize that it was once efficient, nonetheless did now not figure out in his establish on. The decision by Aegon to operate Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) his hand is rushed, nonetheless in the waste, no longer the injurious one. Otto’s strength is his knowledge. Nonetheless the information (read: patience) to perceive when to withhold one’s mouth shut erodes, in particular when facing a younger king smitten by the “petty pride of vengeance.”

Aegon wished a more aggressive hand, in particular after the loss of life of his son, and his emotional desire is surely one that will continue to push the realm to war. Cole’s maneuvering to duvet his ass (more on that rapidly) has brought about him to fail upwards. Will his skillset match as a lot as his skill to dip, dive, and plug faraway from taking order accountability for being “abed” when the prince was once killed?

Rhaenyra and Daemon’s relationship is one amongst the more thrilling functions of the show, nonetheless has suffered below the stress of contemporary occasions. She’s stunning to impeach his loyalty, even supposing he insists Jaehaerys’s loss of life was once an accident, in particular in the wake of sending Blood and Cheese on their murderous jog. As with most issues on this show, it’s all in shades of grey. Yes, Daemon presumably will repeatedly desire the throne, nonetheless I imagine there is sincerity to his esteem for Rhaenyra. What form of man does Daemon, the Rogue Prince, became when he’s the truth is alone?

The White Worm Makes for an Unlikely Ally

sonoya mizuno white worm house of the dragon


After having a more prominent role in the first half of closing season, Lady Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) faded into the background sooner than metaphorically shedding her shirt after the Greens burned her dwelling down. Now, as a captive of Rhaenyra, she finds a capability 2nd lifestyles. After enduring herself to Daemon closing week, she’s bought to tame one more dragon in the intention. Nonetheless where Daemon merely noticed a past lover, Rhaenyra sees a presumably treasured asset in the war to come attend, so she successfully takes Mysaria off the board—factual for Mysaria to place herself attend in play when Ser Arryk arrives on his mission.

Mizuno (who has completed huge work with director Alex Garland in Devs, Ex Machina, and recently Civil War) is simply too magnetic of a performer to withhold sidelined, and her interactions with Emma D’Arcy are too trusty to recede it there. Confidently her sounding the apprehension on Ser Arryk is ample to search out a mutter within Rhaenyra’s circle. After all, the Greens beget a secretkeeper of their beget; it’s time to stability the scales.

Unbrotherly Like, Brought to You by Criston Cole

criston cole


Nicely, Ser Criston’s tenure as Hand is basically off to an auspicious originate! Must we depend the suggestions he goes Dicko Mode this week? The general premise for Ser Arryk’s one-blueprint outing to Dragonstone comes from the guilt that Cole was once (one more time) “abed” at the time of the execute.

What makes Cole a blinding bastard is the model he’s intelligent to weaponize his hypocrisy to absolve himself of any wrongdoing. Obvious, there’s a level of secrecy at play here, as he can’t come out to anybody and show he was once with Alicent. So, in its attach, he wields his shame and self-loathing as a blade to prick attend via others. Obvious, on the face of it, the thought with Ser Arryk is an trusty one for these who’re having a stare to stoke the flames additional. It’s no shock why Aegon loves it.

Nonetheless the resulting war between Arryk and Erryk wasn’t reasonably as earned as it would possibly perchance well were if we’d spent somewhat of more time attending to perceive the brothers outside of their respective declarations. It does, alternatively, attend as a bloody reminder of the sorts of in-preventing we’re going to ogle as this war progresses. It’s going to rating private at every stage, and the resulting turmoil is handiest going to swallow up more and more of us as it speeds alongside.

Odds & Ends

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  • Man, we’re two for 2 on deeply nerve-racking endings taking place! Whereas the war between Arryk and Erryk isn’t the closing shot of the episode fancy Jaehaerys’s loss of life was once closing week, it’s quiet shut ample to the halt to operate it a downer. Welcome attend to the field of Westeros, I guess!
  • Shoutouts to Clare Kilner, who returns to order a script from creator Sara Hess. Kilner directed about a of my current installments of closing season in episodes 4 and 5. Her direction of the funeral procession is every lovely and haunting in equal measure.
  • Dreadful Otto, eradicated for the 2nd time as hand after Viserys pushed him out closing season. He’s fancy Doc Rivers, bouncing from job to job unless he’s changed by a brand new front place of job.
  • Aegon smashing up Viserys’s mannequin of King’s Landing isn’t the most subtle of metaphors, nonetheless it if truth be told’s efficient on the opposite hand.
  • Now not a ton for Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) to wait on out this week, nonetheless he does show that he’s unhappy about the replace with Luke. Will he be in a region to withhold himself in examine for the length of the next war he wages?

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