Handiest Standing Desks of 2023

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It will feel constricting to sit down down for lengthy sessions of time. Standing desks come up with the liberty to determine on what location you must hang to work in. Need deep focal level to carry out a time-wonderful-looking project? Per chance you’re making an try to sit down down. Feeling restless at your desk? Expand the head and stand to swap things up whereas staying productive. But there are varied advantages to standing desks past mixing up your day as you transfer by your to-procure checklist. 

Sitting for lengthy stretches is now not healthy; or now not it’s linked to cardiovascular illness, weight problems and varied potential health dangers. That is substandard info for office staff, however swapping out a odd desk for a standing model can compose a distinction. Scientists are tranquil discovering out the extent of the health distinction between sitting and standing, however some research reveals that an lifelike particular person burns 8 additional calories per hour of standing as a change of sitting. Reasonably just a few estimates are greatly greater

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Whereas standing as a change of sitting couldn’t result in weight reduction, or now not it’s tranquil shown to abet lifelike blood sugar quicker following a meal and slash the aptitude for support or shoulder pain (even supposing you must presumably also very successfully be procuring and selling that for leg or foot pain). Test out these pointers on easy pointers on how to location your desk for maximum comfort, whether you’re sitting or standing. 

I tested fairly just a few standing desks of varied costs, kinds and options to procure to this checklist of favorites. Each mannequin is barely varied, however all of them fragment one key feature: the flexibility to elevate or decrease on build a query to to swimsuit your explicit dwelling office needs.

Handiest standing desks of 2023


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At $795, the Vari Electrical Standing Desk is costly, nevertheless or now not it’s also the very most attention-grabbing standing desk I tested. Measuring 60 inches broad, with a depth of 30 inches, offering expansive desktop home and a weight potential of 200 kilos, the Vari electric desk can with out concerns preserve a dual show screen work setup the usage of show screen palms and ravishing worthy any varied office accessories or desktop options you wish. This obtain standing desk appears to be like to be like nice, too. I obtained the “reclaimed wooden” carry out, however the head is de facto fabricated from plastic (even supposing it doesn’t learn about cheap). The steel legs are very sturdy and likewise you must presumably also adjust the feet if there could be any wobbling. 

It used to be surprisingly easy to install, too, passionate about or now not it’s a ways the heaviest desk of the bunch. I did need abet transferring the head of the desk onto a flat ground for the set up (be decided that the bottom is cushioned to withhold a ways flung from scratching it) — and flipping over the accomplished desk on the tip, however there used to be minimal hardware and few steps concerned overall.

The digital existing on the electrical withhold a watch on panel makes it easy to note the head of your desk, and it presents four buttons for setting custom desk heights. The adjustable standing desk also comes with an non-obligatory storage mount to suppose up your cables — and a pair of sturdy hooks to preserve a rep or headphones. And, it’s a ways rarely loud when or now not it’s raising and lowering the adjustable top. 

The Vari is fair too mountainous for my home, nevertheless or now not it’s tranquil the very most attention-grabbing standing desk with an effortless set up, an unimaginable safe, easy, aloof controls and hundreds home. For the value, I procure need this one included a standing mat, however that is my very most attention-grabbing complaint. 


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Megan Wollerton/CNET

As configured, the Uplift Standing Desk V2 I tested clocked in at a whopping $846. Certain, or now not it’s costly. But when that is for your budget, this top class standing desk is successfully worth passionate about. Not very most attention-grabbing used to be this mannequin more straightforward to install than expected (you very most attention-grabbing need just a few tools and Uplift involves accessories for no additional designate to suppose up all those pesky plan cables), it used to be by a ways basically the most customizable standing desk of the bunch.

It’s doubtless you’ll presumably enjoy the everyday options, including 5 desk sizes, a handful of body colours (grey, darkish grey, white or gloomy) and over two dozen desktops, ranging from laminate (most inexpensive) to solid wooden. From there, you’ve got gotten the flexibility to add a pair of additional accessories, equivalent to grommet covers that screw into both size of the desk for extra storage, retailers and more. There are also 5 varied keypads to determine on from in a gloomy carry out and three varied keypad options in grey and white — and a wireless foot swap accent in present so that you just can elevate and decrease your desk by strategy of a pedal at your feet (as well to the keypad). 

I tested the 48 by 30-high-tail mannequin with a white body and rubberwood desktop, complete with one cupholder grommet and one energy grommet (the energy grommet brings two retailers up your desktop so that you just must presumably also more with out concerns designate your phone or varied handheld units) and a roam keypad you must presumably also press up or all the manner down to elevate/decrease your desk.

Total or now not it’s an mighty, sturdy desk that appears to be like durable adequate to face as much as years of utilize. All all over again, if the $599 designate doesn’t anxiety you away, enjoy in mind including the Uplift Standing Desk V2 to your shortlist. 


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Megan Wollerton/CNET

The Ikea Trotten is an mighty option whereas you wish a increased standing desk, however don’t are making an try to expend too worthy money. This straightforward sit-stand desk nails the fundamentals. 

This standing desk option in all equity easy to install, however I did need abet screwing in some stubborn hardware — and flipping over the accomplished desk after ending the setup. The Trotten measures 47.25 by 27.5 inches. It has a sturdy, easy-to-clean work ground fabricated from particleboard and fiberboard, as successfully as a steel heinous for a obtain standing desk.

Whereas this adjustable standing desk mannequin doesn’t enjoy electric controls to elevate or decrease the desk top, the handbook hand crank (which will most certainly be mounted on the honest or the left aspect), used to be easy to expose for adjustments. And whereas you’re done the usage of it, you must presumably also creep it support below the desk. 


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Megan Wollerton/CNET

The Latitude Speed Amilcar used to be by a ways basically the most attention-grabbing desk to install out of the bunch, with the fewest series of steps and parts — connect the heinous to the desk leg; then connect the desk leg to the desk. Performed. And with a width of 25 inches and a depth of 18 inches, or now not it’s an ravishing option for smaller areas. Furthermore it’s a ways well matched 29 kilos, so I was in a neighborhood to install it myself with out needing abet.

Regardless of its lighter weight, or now not it’s a sturdy desk that is straightforward to elevate and decrease with the pneumatic lever mounted to the honest aspect of the desk. Minor gripe: Each varied desk in this roundup (excluding for the Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Desk with Glass Top) enables you to to determine on from the left or honest aspect for mounting the electrical withhold a watch on panel, lever or hand crank. This one doesn’t. So whereas you happen to’re a leftie admire me, the lever on this desk will most certainly be on the scandalous aspect. 

That said, the Amilcar is an mighty standing desk overall that is specifically successfully-suited for small areas. It also comes with every foot mounts and wheels so that you just must presumably also opt the mobility option that makes basically the most sense for your individual dwelling. 

How I tested

I selected desks of varied sizes and kinds. Some are managed manually, whereas others enjoy electric motors for top adjustment. To take a look at every standing desk, I began out by constructing each one and noting the benefit or pain, including whether I wanted abet with any of the steps. Then I spent a stout day working at each one — switching between sitting and standing — making notes when one thing labored specifically successfully or caused a pain. 

Of the others I tested — the Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Desk with Glass Top, the Seville Classics Airlift Pro S3 Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk, the Steelcase Solo Sit down-To-Stand Desk and the Fezibo Height Adjustable Electrical Standing Desk with Double Drawer — didn’t compose the slash. The Airlift with Glass Top came discontinuance to incomes a suppose above. It’s an ravishing, sturdy desk at a midrange designate. It also aspects a small middle drawer for conserving the fundamentals. Unfortunately, its built-in touchscreen wasn’t very responsive and the 2 USB-A ports, whereas a nice tech feature in diagram, are outdated-usual for this day’s phones and tablets.

The Airlift Pro S3 used to be a real desk, too, nevertheless it used to be barely tougher to install than the others in its size differ and it had a more cost-effective-having a stare carry out than the general winner for very most attention-grabbing standing desk (the Vari desk). 

The Steelcase Solo desk used to be surprisingly easy to install for its size (the an analogous because the Vari desk). Rather than the usage of screws to install the legs, these merely lock into location. The desk is sturdy, appears to be like to be like nice and is aloof when raising and lowering. But the Vari has a more sophisticated withhold a watch on panel, a nicer-having a stare carry out and is derived with desk accessories. 

The Fezibo mannequin intrigued me this potential that of its built-in storage, however I learned this mannequin more complicated to assemble than loads of the others. Mute, or now not it’s an inexpensive option in present for you storage compartments built-in into your desk and two ranges — one for conserving your show screen and the quite quite loads of for your keyboard and linked accessories.  

As continuously, enjoy in mind your explicit needs sooner than you preserve a sit-stand desk. Enact you’ve got gotten fairly just a few home and the next budget? Put in mind the Vari or Uplift units. The Ikea mannequin is an ravishing midsize handbook desk at to take into accounta good designate. The Latitude Speed Amilcar is the very most attention-grabbing option whereas you would prefer a sturdy standing desk that is now not going to absorb a ton of home. Regardless of your dwelling setup, one in every of these units is certain to swimsuit your needs. But whereas you happen to’re now not bought on a standing desk, enjoy in mind a standing desk converter for your original desk as a change. 

Standing desks 101: What to know sooner than you preserve 

As with any unique half of furniture, you must are making an try to safe barely time to steadiness your needs with the home and budget you’ve got gotten for it. 

Prices differ widely for standing desks, however you must presumably also safe to take into accounta good one to swimsuit your needs at nearly any budget. As illustrious above, the Latitude Speed Amilcar and Ikea Trotten Standing Desk were my well-liked options below $300.

How worthy home procure you’ve got gotten?

Be decided you’ve got gotten adequate home for your standing desk sooner than you compose your bewitch. Don’t well matched enjoy in mind the room or now not it’s going in, both. Furthermore recount referring to the doors, stairwells and varied areas the box must breeze by. It could perhaps presumably also fit for your deliberate office home, however whereas you happen to could’t procure it up your third-ground stroll-up, you will most certainly be in anxiety.

How plentiful procure you’re making an try to breeze?

All adjustable-top desks enjoy a low and a excessive differ for sitting and standing, however the head adjustment ranges don’t appear to be universal across varied kinds and manufacturers. Have to you’re on the shorter or taller halt, decided units couldn’t be tickled for you, so compare the specs beforehand to establish whereas you happen to’ll be tickled the usage of the desk, every sitting and standing. 

Electrical standing desks designate bigger than handbook desks, so your budget will completely come into play right here, however there could be more to enjoy in mind. E book desks, which enjoy pneumatic pedals, hand cranks or varied handbook controls, are lighter and quieter (because there is now not any heavy, noise-making motor mounted below your desk). E book desks also don’t require proximity to an outlet to work. Electrical desks allow for easy raising and lowering with the click of a button; some even enjoy digital top readouts so that you just must presumably also continuously return your desk to the particular same sitting or standing top settings. 

Reasonably just a few options: Wheels, left/honest options and additional shelves

Some standing desks (veritably the smaller ones) come with wheel attachments for greater mobility. Others allow you to mount the electrical or handbook top withhold a watch on to the left or honest aspect, to desire your dominant hand. Some even enjoy two ranges so that you just must presumably also build a show screen on the greater degree and your keyboard and mouse on the decrease one. If any of these sound attention-grabbing, part those into your bewitch decisions.

Extra dwelling office requirements

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