GoRetroid unveils the Retroid Pocket Flip, a Nintendo DS-impressed handheld game console

The Retroid Pocket Flip is an upcoming clamshell handheld console. (All images via GoRetroid)
The Retroid Pocket Flip is an upcoming clamshell handheld console. (All photos via GoRetroid)

Retroid Pocket, which is identified for its standard family of handheld game consoles, unveiled a new handheld that takes cues from Nintendo’s DS. The Retroid Pocket Flip is a clamshell handheld that can near in a vary of colors, though specs are within the intervening time unknown.

Handheld gaming consoles delight in exploded in reputation right thru the final three hundred and sixty five days, led by the likes of Valve’s Steam Deck and the slew of retro-targeted handheld consoles. No doubt one of many supreme gamers in this market is GoRetroid, the team on the again of the Retroid Pocket family of handhelds. GoRetroid this week unveiled their subsequent handheld, but its build borrows closely from undoubtedly one of many most current handhelds of all time.

The Retroid Pocket Flip is a clamshell handheld console. It looks to be strikingly corresponding to Nintendo’s DS Lite, sans the lower cover of Nintendo’s handheld. The Pocket Flip is terribly comparable in measurement to the DS Lite, measuring 139 x 82 x 25.4 mm. This makes it a exiguous bit thick and doubtless a exiguous bit exhausting to pocket.

The thickness is largely attributable to the trigger buttons positioned on the again of the arrangement. Speaking of buttons, the Pocket Flip as a mature array of buttons, including a directional pad, four face buttons (ABXY arrangement), two center buttons (presumably menu or originate/opt buttons), and two flat joysticks. There are two shoulder buttons (L1 and R1), the aforementioned triggers (L2 and R2), and two miniature buttons on the again labelled “L3” and “R3.”

The handheld’s joysticks stare surface-mounted moderately than recessed, implying that they’ll characteristic great love the Nintendo 3DS’s slider joystick. 

I/O entails a USB-C port, a micro-HDMI port, and a headphone jack. The Pocket Flip will strengthen microSD cards. 

Other specs are within the intervening time unknown. GoRetroid said they’ll bid the arrangement’s hardware later this week. Presumably, this is able to be on par or a exiguous bit of higher than the Retroid Pocket 3+, which would possibly per chance emulate most Gamecube video games and a few lighter PlayStation 2 titles. However, right here’s merely hypothesis; we couldn’t delight in a proper guess at its gaming prowess till we all know what’s working below that shell.

The Retroid Pocket Flip will near in five colors: Sport Red, Dark, “16Bit US” (which bears a color map corresponding to that of North The US’s Huge Nintendo), Indigo (which looks to be love the equivalent crimson because the Gamecube), and Watermelon (a clear crimson). 

There is no observe but of a originate date.

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