Future 2’s Guardian Imperfect And Commendation Programs Are Substandard And Need Fixing

Future 2


The mud has settled on Future 2’s Lightfall, a selection with a atrocious memoir nonetheless a upright subclass and a form of blended issues in between these two. But whereas the Lightfall advertising and marketing and marketing campaign’s remark is the worst element of the DLC, I salvage myself reasonably disappointed with two unusual additions to Future 2 that appear worship they’ll simply quiet contain been slam dunks, Guardian Imperfect and Commendations.

They aren’t the most practical of deals, and yet I don’t reasonably understand why and the device in which they were implemented on this most contemporary remark. So let’s plow by the factors, and the technique to fix them.

Guardian Imperfect

Future 2


While I agree that the large season tear number next to each person’s name wasn’t the handiest manner to deduce who used to be a if truth be told perfect feeble participant and who used to be perfect a bounty goblin, the fashion Guardian Imperfect used to be implemented made tiny sense.

The having fun with topic is too level at baseline. I fully like the foundation of some form of huge, profession-lengthy tedious documenting perfect how skilled it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well very well be in Future 2. But as an different, what this did is determined folk with 20 hours in the game and 5,000 hours in the game at level 6, on account of the 1-5 necessities are if truth be told Child’s First Future Challenges. So as an different of rewarding players with hundreds of time with a high tedious, it perfect flattened every little thing.

But stunning, if that’s the set to begin, so be it, nonetheless that leads to the following topic, the truth that Guardian Ranks are short-term, which appears to be like fully counter-intuitive for what I notion used to be supposed to be some form of lifetime profession indicator. You must presumably per chance reset to 6 at the quit of each season, so we can plow by this leveling activity each single time.

Certain, it’s gorgeous that some challenges will lift over so there’ll be much less to total the following time, nonetheless it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well simply have to regrind issues worship Commendation Rating (extra on that in a minute) and perfect re-enact Sage Seasonal issues and what no longer. And as lengthy as this tedious is transient-term without a staunch rewards numerous than looking at a bunch stride up, it in actuality appears to be like even much less precious than grinding one thing worship short-term artifact energy, which no lower than is offering some price encourage, albeit perfect for a few months. So what we’re left with is basically one more meaningless number next to your name, and your “feeble” set of abode is quiet better conveyed by legacy titles it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well simply or could presumably per chance simply no longer obtain.


Future 2


This one is nice baffling. It’s a gargantuan belief with detrimental implementation on each level. Commendations, which originate a community of depended on, valued players in a neighborhood, contain been became into a commodity in Future, perfect one thing else to be mindlessly farmed.

Commendations could presumably per chance simply quiet no longer be tied to any challenges, Guardian Imperfect or rewards in any capability. This full machine wishes to be purely elective and mean it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well reward players perfect for the sake of rewarding them. One thing else numerous than that makes it perfect one more forex and as such, it thoroughly loses its price. Already, we’ve considered Commendations tied to weekly grand drops, weekly challenges for XP and steps for Guardian Imperfect hiking (which required so many commendations they already needed to nerf it). Your most contemporary rating manner nothing outside of what number of actions you’ve grinded or how remarkable senseless Wellspring or Petra’s farming you did to derive the number stride up.

Then there’s the practicality of it. It’s unheard of to separate out the rating show conceal at the quit of an activity from the commendation show conceal, because it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well no longer see who in actuality performed well without flipping over, and by the time you enact, the person could presumably per chance simply contain left or it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance well very well be relieve in matchmaking one more time. So that you unsolicited mail commendations mercurial, a total lot of which would be reasonably literally nonsense (“Contented”? “Thoughtful”?) perfect to derive certain you’re no longer the jerk who didn’t make contributions to somebody’s commendation rating. In actions with extra players than commendations to present out, I’m awarding random ones in accordance with fashion. It’s a unheard of, unfinished, illogical machine.

If I needed to sum all this up in two sentences:

  • Guardian Ranks wishes to be permanent profession milestones
  • Commendations could presumably per chance simply quiet no longer be tied to any form of achievements and could presumably per chance simply exist for their very obtain sake.

That’s it, that’s the pair of fixes I’d worship to survey here.

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