FQQ S17 triple 1080p portable show screen on sale for US$655, promises compatibility with most laptops

FQQ S17 triple 1080p portable monitor on sale for US$655, promises compatibility with most laptops
FQQ S17 triple 1080p portable show screen on sale for US$655, promises compatibility with most laptops

The FQQ S17 sounds quite cool on paper, but general brightness and impact quality droop away loads to be desired relative to its high US$600 asking tag.

Portable shows have gotten more and more unusual and more life like. Whenever that you may possibly have gotten been working with appropriate one notebook computer narrate for the longest time, then there is nearly no cause to add a secondary video visual show unit within the indicate time. Triple portable show screen extenders are taking this one step extra by attaching two exterior monitors without prolong onto the notebook computer to place on desk location. WFH users with smaller office areas may possibly per chance web value in such triple show screen designs.

FQQ sent us its 15.0-scurry triple show screen S17 kit for our impressions. The S17 consists of two 1080p monitors that can fold neatly for stowing or carrying as wished. Instructions and specifications are printed clearly on the box to relief beginners setup the shows. They’re primarily two traditional exterior shows designed to mount along the dwell edge of your notebook computer narrate.

We used our 18-scurry Razer Blade 18 as the host PC for our FQQ S17, but most smaller 15 to 17-scurry laptops are additionally supported. Like minded PCs must haven’t any lower than two video-out ports (HDMI and/or USB-C DP) whenever you happen to esteem to must fabricate potentially the most of both of the FQQ monitors. In any other case, that you may possibly only be ready to join appropriate one of the most two monitors.

The resolution of cables required to join the two monitors will depend on what video ports are on your notebook computer. Whenever that you may possibly have gotten two just USB-C DP ports, then all that you may possibly need are two USB-C cables for the two S17 monitors since USB-C can transfer both energy and video. Whenever that you may possibly have gotten one HDMI and one USB-C DP, then one of the most two exterior monitors will desire a 2nd cable for its energy offer. The mess of cables can unfortunately detract from the “portable” facet of the product.











Distribution of brightness

X-Rite i1Pro 2

Maximum: 143.3 cd/m² (Nits) Moderate: 135.5 cd/m² Minimum: 6.66 cd/m²

Brightness Distribution: 88 %

Distinction: 1086:1 (Dim: 0.13 cd/m²)

ΔE Coloration 5.67 | 0.59-29.43 Ø5.2, calibrated: 0.68

ΔE Greyscale 6.6 | 0.57-98 Ø5.4

63.8% AdobeRGB 1998 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)

92.8% sRGB (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)

61.8% Inform P3 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)

Gamma: 2.16

Originate quality is a blended rep. On the starting establish, the S17 monitors flex, twist, and creak powerful more with out misfortune than the shows of a notebook computer and even different portable shows esteem the Innocn 13.3-scurry OLED. Secondly, the hinges that join the two monitors to the center grievous are no longer very stiff in any respect and so any minute angle adjustments are complex.

Our closing comment above leads without prolong into one of the most predominant drawbacks to the S17: viewing angles. Viewing angles on a notebook computer video visual show unit are steadily no longer a recount since you are nearly repeatedly looking without prolong at it. On the S17, alternatively, these exterior monitors are off-angled relative to your eyes and so that they are tremendously diminutive through viewing angle adjustments. The broad viewing angles of IPS do no longer indicate very powerful when the dusky video visual show unit is positively overwhelmed by glare. Looking out to decrease glare for an optimum viewing journey can due to this truth be a flowery task namely whenever you happen to realizing on assembling and disassembling the S17 on a fixed basis. The hinges are too used to firmly abet the monitors at most angles. When compared, different portable shows esteem the Lepow Z1 have more freedom through positioning for a clearer image.

Even whenever you happen to can also salvage the final observe viewing angle from the S17 shows, image quality is life like at supreme. Distinction ratio is first charge for IPS and sRGB coverage is quite factual at >90%, but most brightness is dusky and colours are uncalibrated. At beneath 150 nits most compared to 400 nits or bigger on many smartly-liked Ultrabooks, the S17 may possibly per chance even be nearly unusable in most out of doors cases. As for the colors, we positively counsel making exercise of our calibrated ICM profile above to salvage more appropriate colours from the S17: life like grayscale and coloration DeltaE values would tumble to appropriate 0.9 and nil.68 from 6.6 and 5.67, respectively, after a appropriate calibration with our X-Rite colorimeter.

In unusual, coders and spreadsheets users will web potentially the most utility from the S17 since their workloads do no longer generally require appropriate colours. On different hand, video editors or avid gamers may possibly per chance nonetheless peek in other locations as the S17 monitors are appropriate no longer incandescent or vivid ample.

FQQ S17 Triple Portable Observe

1920×1080, 15.00
Lepow Z1

1920×1080, 15.60
GMK KD2 Portable Observe

3840×2160, 15.60
Vissles Observe 15.6

1920×1080, 15.60
Ananta 17.3-scurry Touchscreen Portable Observe

RTK3B3A, , 1920×1080, 17.30
AirTab Portable Observe 15.6-scurry

1920×1080, 15.60
Inform P3 Coverage












sRGB Coverage












AdobeRGB 1998 Coverage












Response Time Grey 50% / Grey 80% *


The FQQ S17 retails for over $600 USD, but you are primarily getting two decrease-end 15-scurry shows for $300 each and every which is a truly complex sell. The Asus ZenScreen, to illustrate, is a 15.6-scurry 1080p portable show screen retailing for $180 and or no longer it is arguably more disappear-pleasant and versatile than the pricier S17 even whenever you happen to make your mind up to recall two models. The S17 is due to this truth no longer priced very competitively when person portable monitors may possibly per chance even be bought individually at lower than half the value.

The S17 has its makes exercise of whenever you happen to can have gotten a stationed notebook computer that you do no longer steal on very many journeys. In any other case, traditional portable shows are going to be more inexpensive and more versatile for many users.

Allen Ngo, 2023-03-16 (Update: 2023-03-16)

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