Fortnite exchange v21.30 patch notes: No Sweat Summer season tournament, High Shotgun, extra

Sooner than the developers’ summer season destroy, Fortnite has launched the v21.30 exchange. It has arrived with the No Sweat Summer season tournament, map changes look after Day-to-day Bloomgle, original High Shotgun, and extra.

The hype for Fortnite v21.30 was sky-scraping because Narrative Video games will rapidly lope on a destroy until the second week of August. Which capability the fight royale title won’t ride any stay changes for the upcoming weeks, and the newest exchange must personal positive the community doesn’t procure bored.

Fortnite v21.30 brings in a No Sweat Insurance NPC, summer season-themed POI, and original No Sweat Summer season tournament quests

Fortnite gamers desperately wished to bear an even time the summer season in fight royale modes this time. Fortunately, the No Sweat Summer season tournament is here with the v21.30 exchange.

No Sweat Insurance quests will exchange the Vibin quests for the subsequent four weeks because the Scientist’ review regarding the Actuality Tree will most seemingly be halted hastily.

No Sweat Summer season quests

The latest No Sweat Summer season quests in Fortnite are:

  • Land after leaping from the Fight Bus sooner or later of the No Sweat Summer season tournament
  • Elevate the No Sweat note and keep it at a sponsorship space
  • Full a lap spherical the boat high-tail circuit after the initiating countdown
  • Way a Persona dance to a Boogie Bom
  • Emote at diversified promotional dance floor locations
  • Ring doorbells until they destroy
  • Make a choice 3 seconds of air whereas riding a Motorboat
  • Obtain away No Sweat signs from recalled merchandise
  • Space the No Sweat signs in an legit bin
  • Pop No Sweat Summer season inflatable objects
  • Soar on umbrellas alongside the seaside
  • Kick a seaside ball and kick a limiteless seaside ball
  • Fire off the Firework Flare Gun at Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers
  • Bust through doors in diversified neighborhoods
  • Kill dapper sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles

These quests will grant 15ample XP every and a brand original Sweaty Sailer umbrella glider will most seemingly be a free reward for winding up them. The quests also point out that the Boogie Bombs will return rapidly. The goofy merchandise has been a fan-favourite for ages, and it makes very finest sense for it to reach assist sooner or later of a Vibin’ themed season.

Contemporary summer season-themed NPCs will now chase spherical the island. These encompass:

  • Unpeely
  • Seaside Bomber
  • Summer season Streak alongside with the waft
  • The Underwriter
  • Boardwalk Ruby

The Underwriter is the newest NPC in Fortnite and represents the Contemporary Sweat Insurance building from Tilted Towers. In distinction, Unpeely, Seaside Bomber, and Boardwalk Ruby are smartly-known characters who continuously return sooner or later of the summer season.

Fortnite community to vote for Tilted Tower structures through Rebuild the Block quests

The restoration of Tilted Towers started in Chapter 3 Season 3. Fortnite asked map builders to reach assist up with their simplest building designs and nine structures bear made the lower.

Within the coming weeks, gamers will donate bars for the building tasks in Tilted Towers. The building form with the most votes will officially grow to be a fraction of the POI. This can also assist gamers in winding up the Rebuild The Block quests:

  • Donate Bars voting for building tasks on The Block
  • Survive Storm Phases sooner or later of the Rebuild the Block Occasion
  • Place away with enemy gamers sooner or later of the Rebuild the Block Occasion
  • Full Rebuild the Block quest stages (3/7/12).

It is obvious that we’ll witness original Rebuild The Block quests a week and the developers are but to expose the subsequent stages.

To be comely, the XP crisis in Chapter 3 Season 3 could reach to an terminate now as every Rebuild The Block quest will reward gamers with 14,000 XP.

Fortnite new Tilted Tower building designs
Titted Tower building designs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Contemporary High Shotgun and consumable Ice-Cream merchandise enter the loot pool with Fortnite v21.30

A impress-original High Shotgun will most seemingly be on hand in chests, provide drops, and floor loot with v21.30. The stats of this weapon at Uncommon rarity are:

  • DPS-88
  • Reload Time-4.5
  • Unfold-1
  • Clip size– 4
  • Headshot nervousness– 138
  • Fire Charge– 1.05

Leaks bear printed that the High Shotgun is an explosive weapon with an incredibly lengthy differ for a shotgun. Its nervousness output is great and the gradual fire rate looks to be the most classic plot back.

Contemporary consumable items had been added in the make of Ice Cones. These encompass:

  • Lil Whip’s Special Support for Successfully being and Shield
  • Guzzling Icecream Cone which slowly heals smartly being
  • Frozen Iceream Cone for Successfully being and it makes things slippery
  • Icecream Cone for Successfully being
  • Keen Icecream Cone for Successfully being and Shield

Curiously, the files of the Burst SMG had been up thus far as smartly and it can perhaps return rapidly.

Day-to-day Bugle changes to Day-to-day Bloomgle in Fortnite v21.30 and other map changes

Narrative Video games has persevered the improbable map changes in Chapter 3 Season 3 with the newest exchange. Day-to-day Bugle, below the terminate of the Actuality Tree, is now called Day-to-day Bloomgle. As smartly-liked, this could now swap between topics essentially essentially based on Neo Tilted, Coral Castle, Gargantuan Coliseum, and extra.

The Actuality Tree will continue to grow and after Day-to-day Bugle, it’ll reach Dwelling Canyon.

Final but no longer least, a summer season-themed stage will most seemingly be living up on the island for No Sweat Summer season. That is where gamers can seek files from to full their tournament-essentially essentially based quests and compose a ton of XP.

Hotfix updates will most seemingly be launched weekly but no predominant Fortnite updates will near for nearly a month now. The developers bear already added weekly quests until Week 10, and the Dragon Ball Z crossover will most seemingly be launched after the destroy.

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