Feeble Vikings LB sounds off on Mike Zimmer-Kirk Cousins beef

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and quarterback Kirk Cousins. (Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports)

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and quarterback Kirk Cousins. (Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports)

Feeble Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ben Leber mentioned the chasm between dilapidated coach Mike Zimmer and quarterback Kirk Cousins.

It’s no mammoth secret that Zimmer wasn’t a big fan of Cousins, despite the real fact he’s the franchise quarterback in Minnesota. On the replacement hand, it’s moreover true that Zimmer have to now not partial to quarterbacks in traditional — he never gave Kellen Mond the time of day, either.

In a recent look on CBS Sports Radio, Ben Leber made Zimmer’s reservations about Cousins public. Leber is a dilapidated linebacker in Minnesota, and now covers the team.

“I judge he’s gonna finally thrive, in fact thrive, in a tool and a coach that genuinely respects him,” Leber stated. “I suggest, It’s now not admire I’m now not breaking news here that Mike Zimmer did now not admire Kirk Cousins. And I judge that showed in the implies that Kirk behaved and the implies that he carried himself. The team modified into never given to him, or he modified into never allowed to form the belief of the team which means of the pinnacle coach, I judge, comely didn’t admire him.”

Vikings: Mike Zimmer didn’t admire Kirk Cousins, duration

Zimmer’s disdain for Cousins most effective grew when the quarterback revealed his intention to now not be vaccinated against COVID-19 before last season. The head coach made it determined he did now not agree with that decision.

“We could also put this thing to bed if we’d all set aside this, however it indubitably is what it is,” Zimmer stated.

Cousins stated at the time that he revered the final public notion, however modified into opting against the vaccine per his hold internal most desire.

“I are searching to respect what varied folk’s concerns are. For me personally, comely talking no person else can acquire the virus, what is your allege if that you would maybe maybe also acquire it, I could maybe deliver I’m gonna gallop about my on a typical foundation existence. If I acquire it, I’m gonna tear it out. I’m gonna let nature set aside its course. Survival-of-the-fittest extra or much less manner. And comely deliver, if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I’m going to be OK. You appreciate, even if I die. If I die, I die. I extra or much less absorb peace about that,” Cousins stated.

If he dies, he dies. What an unforgettable quote.

For Zimmer, wise his job modified into on the line and most most seemingly depended on a participant admire Cousins, that could also now not absorb helped issues.

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