Existing HN: Unsubscan – Free and offline mailing checklist unsubscription tool

A tool to let you uncover unsubscribe links in your emails


I created unsubscan because I mediate that anybody could maybe well also just collected be ready to rapid and without command score a look at their emails and:

  • Unsubscribe from whatever they wish
  • Unsubscribe at any time when they wish
  • Unsubscribe for gratis
  • Unsubscribe without but one other subscription carrier
  • Unsubscribe without a have to present one other company salvage entry to to their emails
  • Unsubscribe without a have to forward emails to other companies


Pre-compiled binaries of the most contemporary free up will be made readily accessible on the Releases page of this repository.

Alternatively, that you just could well additionally additionally assemble this mission from source if that you just could well additionally just score a working Rust style atmosphere:

git clone
cd unsubscan
cargo install --route .

Preparing your emails

Risk 1: Salvage an archive of your emails from your provider as .eml files

Export your emails as an archive of .eml files from your provider. Instructions on cease this with different
email suppliers are below:

As soon as downloaded, extract the archive of emails to a brand new folder.

Risk 2: Set your emails as .eml files utilizing Thunderbird

Even as you happen to host your email with a provider that doesn’t present exported archives of your emails as .eml files (e.g.
Gmail), that you just could well tell Thunderbird (or any desktop email client that lets you assign your emails as .eml files) to cease
this yourself.

Consume the specified subset of emails that you just need to always scan (or all of them, if you would if truth be told like), after which
steal File -> Set As -> File from the menu bar to assign them to a brand new folder.

How it works

Even as you happen to are working on a draw that lets you pull a folder at present onto an software program to tell that folder as an
input (e.g. dragging and shedding a folder from Explorer onto an exe file on Dwelling windows), then all you will must pull is proceed
your folder of emails on prime of the unsubscan executable.

Even as you happen to are extra gay on the define line, that you just could well additionally name the binary with the path to your extracted folder of
.eml files as the sole argument.

The folder will be scanned for unsubscribe links and when the scanning is complete, an HTML page will originate in your default
browser with a complete checklist of all of the links chanced on and additional instructions and explanations.

Even as you happen to are working unsubscan from the define line, that you just could well additionally additionally optionally receive the output in JSON layout.


Please if truth be told be at liberty to originate a PR with links explaining export emails as .eml files with other email suppliers.

I’m no longer drawn to including MBOX strengthen myself, but I will be cheerful to search out out about and at remaining earn a PR that provides
this functionality.

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