(EXCLUSIVE) Erica Banks Says She Silent Wants To Collab With Nicki Minaj Despite What Took plan Closing Year

Erica Banks clears the air in a most unique interview the assign she reveals esteem to her accepted artist, Nicki Minaj.

Erica Banks Says The Queen Is Silent On Her Bucket List of Collaborations

In an queer interview with Pop Out Journal, Erica Banks was as soon as asked who she serene wants to collaborate with, and she let it be known that despite all that went down last year, she is serene making an strive to collaborate with Queen.

“Nicki Minaj,” Erica answered excitedly, making a mobile phone name gesture.

While you happen to take into legend, Erica went viral last year after claiming that Nicki Minaj blocked her for a certain comment she made, and that her phrases had been taken out of context.

Ok, I wanna get on right here and take care of the Nicki Minaj space because it’s changing into misunderstood and misconstrued, and folk are even contemplating I went to this point as to unfollow Nicki Minaj, and I possess to clear this up, because right here’s my fav artist, so I even possess pretty a pair of admire for her – ample to even get on right here and clear this up because I don’t need this legend being painted of me.

The Rap Gworlz Chime Into The Nicki Minaj & Erica Banks Misunderstanding

Although Erica tried to clear the air with her video and even received esteem from celebs esteem Runt one Tate, a pair of of the rap gworlz had been in disagreeance.

About per week later, Asian Doll hopped into the conversation after being when put next with Erica Banks as a result of expressing within the previous making an strive to collaborate with Nicki. Asian tweeted that Erica played herself and that she is now not speaking for all americans.

Erica played HERSELF nun of the rap women mediate esteem this except for the actual particular person that sat her ain that seat on that stage & stated what she stated so as a result of this truth she standing on that ALONE don’t scamper us with the women folk with all RESPECT.

Then shortly after Coi Leray chimed in following her collaboration with the Queen on the single, “Blick Blick”.

She told TMZ,

You know, you gotta let bes play the abet, what I’m announcing? Fancy infrequently that it’s doubtless you’ll’t even feed into adversarial energy, esteem…at the tip of the day, what you put into this earth is repeatedly going to come abet to you. What you put into this world, will come abet to you. So if that’s the energy she wants to position obtainable, that’s the energy she gon get. Each person is aware of wassup, esteem come on.

While pretty a pair of folk could just now not favor to put out of your mind her feedback from 2022, it seems esteem Erica is making an strive to transfer previous last year’s drama while persevering with to present her accepted artist her flowers.

Roommates, would you be right here for a Nicki Minaj x Erica Banks collab in 2023?

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