The build To Gain Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash

The Spirit Ash for Curseblade Meera summons the titular spirit to permit you to ruin battle, nevertheless it absolutely can easiest be show in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree growth. Could luxuriate in to you’d shield so to add this Spirit Ash to your assortment, you’ll luxuriate in to kind out a risky dungeon and defeat a difficult boss.

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Here’s what it’s top to know regarding the Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash and the build to search out it.

Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash stats and capabilities

Summoning Curseblade Meera makes utilize of 127 FP.

The Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash can also additionally be upgraded the utilization of Glovewort. The damage and defense of this Spirit Ash (and all others) can also additionally be increased even extra by bolstering your Shadow Realm Blessing with Revered Spirit Ashes at a Characteristic of Grace, even though this buff easiest works whereas within the Land of Shadow.

Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash merchandise description

The Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash’s merchandise description reads:

“Ashen stays throughout which spirits but dwell. Use to summon the spirit of Curseblade Meera.

Curseblades appear to dance as soon as they meander their shiny circular blades. These ascetics, who failed to change into tutelary deities, were an outbreak must you attempted to invade the hornsent fatherland.

Long ago, before the land used to be overshadowed by invasion, this scourge used to be shunned, and the curseblades were imprisoned. It used to be all over this confinement that Meera and Labirith solid their bond, and upon Meera’s demise, Labirith used to be talked about to were plunged correct into a devastating darkness.”

The build to search out the Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash

Yow will stumble on the Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash by defeating Curseblade Labirith, who’s the boss on the prime of Bonny Gaol. Yow will stumble on this dungeon discontinuance to Bonny Village by heading south across a bridge. You’ll obtain the dungeon tucked away on the dazzling on the prime of the course.

An Elden Ring map screen highlights the location of Bonny Gaol.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Bonny Gaol is pretty easy, nevertheless it absolutely capabilities a massive assortment of assaults from enemies waiting spherical corners or bursting out of pots scattered across the dungeon. Proceed with caution except you attain the boss door.

Within the boss door will most definitely be Curseblade Libirith, who can dish out an excellent quantity of damage very instant. Additionally, the boss will most definitely be entirely invisible except you apply a gentle source, so raise a torch alongside and accomplish definite you will luxuriate in it equipped in one of your fingers must you enter.

Don’t neglect to make utilize of a Spirit Ash summon if things rating too tricky, as this boss has long attack strings that can presumably maybe abolish you extremely instant. Letting your summon tank it typically is a massive load off your attend, letting you level of interest exclusively on DPS.

Nonetheless you opt to kind out Curseblade Libirth, taking this boss down will reward you with the Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash. Could luxuriate in to you intend to make utilize of it, accomplish definite to use it attend to the Roundtable Preserve and stage it up first.

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