Jack Sunless Releases Fat-Measurement Duvet of “Toddler One Extra Time” by Britney Spears

Skadoosh! One week after Jack Sunless and Kyle Gass’ 20-2nd clip the place they animatedly performed “Toddler One Extra Time” by Britney Spears went viral on a few platforms, the duo — known together as Tenacious D — like put out a longer recording of the track.

Dropped on Sunless’s social media accounts, the minute-and-a-half of-lengthy be conscious is accompanied by a track video that became once shot at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles.

In the video, Sunless wears a shaded and white panda-impressed suit, dances and does karate moves with assorted members of the Kung Fu Panda solid and crew, together with Awkwafina, Bryan Cranston, James Hong, Ke Huy Quan, alongside with his pal Gass. Kung Fu Panda star Po additionally makes a few appearances. Sunless, of course, puts his possess hard rock sprint on the track, a vocal style he came to be known for after his breakout efficiency in College of Rock.

On the carpet at the premiere, The Hollywood Reporter chatted with Sunless relating to the Britney Spears quilt track. “ what the director, Mike, talked about, ‘Hiya we would rob to like a Tenacious D track for the tip credit.’ And I talked about, ‘Truly? Can we close Britney Spears?’ And he talked about, ‘Yeah, let’s close Hit Me Toddler One Extra Time’ for the kung fu aspect of that track,” Sunless explained.

“So we bought within the recording studio and we did it and we’re in actuality gratified with the be conscious,” Sunless continued. Seek the track video below: “We shot a dinky impromptu track video in Kyle [Gass’s] hotel room and it’s gone crazy viral. It’s thrilling.” 

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