Espresso Shop Owner Bashes Customer’s Windshield With Hammer After He Threw Portray At Her

A Seattle espresso store owner, Emma Lee, not too long ago took a hammer to the windshield of an glum buyer.

The Current York Post stories that the male client threw his beverages at Lee by the drive-by window. He allegedly did so after complaining about the rate of his relate.

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Espresso Shop Owner Busts Inflamed Customer’s Windshield

The patron’s madden stemmed from a 32-ounce espresso and water value, totaling $22. All of it went down at A Kind of Heaven Espresso on the south aspect. A surveillance video documented the chaotic interaction.

Emma acknowledged the patron had patronized the enterprise before and beforehand complained about the prices. She said that she advised the person, “No person is forcing you to return right here.”

The 23-yr-aged outlined to FOX 13 that the person threw the iced espresso he had bought at her. He then proceeded to threaten her. Lee acknowledged the person was as soon as “screaming, spitting and attempting to pry initiating the window.” She acknowledged the crazed buyer said, “No person is going to miss you,” which made her feel “[feel] in possibility.”

Lee phoned the po po and pressed misdemeanor assault charges against the person. On the opposite hand, he can possible enjoy staunch motion for the rate of his busted windshield.

Take a look at out a video of the incident below:

Social Media Reacts To The Chaos At The Shop

Roommates below The Coloration Room’s epic weighed in on the incident.

@dd_b acknowledged, “Most productive fragment about that is that she’s not in possibility for being fired due to she’s the owner!”

@xx.trulyblue commented on the person’s behavior, “So he paid $22 , complained about paying $22, then threw $22 away actually, and THEN bought the added expense of fixing a windshield. costing him manner bigger than the $22 he was as soon as upset about.”

@_pilotbaekeish_ added, “He left with out a espresso and a busted windshield.”

Others commented on the owner’s exercise of the plan to shield herself.

“Had that hammer on her belt admire Bob the builder,” @shoesbyfis quipped.

@prudenceansah wrote, “I watched this 30 times! YOU GO GIRL. play w ya ma’am lmao.”

@jaynic0811 acknowledged, “He went low and she went to hell’s basement.”

“SHE’S INNOCENT!! We’re no longer letting men or any individual play with us,” @luxuryhairfanatics announced.

What Derive You Notify Roomies?

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