Ben Affleck Addresses Claims He In any appreciate times Appears to be like to be Wrathful in Pictures: “I Non-public Resting Tough Face”

Ben Affleck has heard the conversations surrounding how he continually seems livid in photos, and he has tips.

The multihyphenate stopped by Kevin Hart‘s Peacock talk existing, Hart to Coronary heart, for its season four opener, the keep he discussed turning into a baby actor after his oldsters discouraged it, being rejected by Beverly Hills, 90210 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and working with Matt Damon, among diversified issues. Against the head of the conversation, the Oscar winner addressed what makes him appear upset in photos.

“I’m also a diminutive bit insecure,” Affleck acknowledged on the existing. “I also don’t take care of a quantity of attention. That’s why folks confirm me, and so that they’re take care of, ‘Why’s this dude continually livid?’ On epic of any individual has their digital camera and sticks it in my face and I’m take care of, ‘OK, right here we jog.’”

He admitted he doesn’t “give a fuck” if he’s being photographed by himself or alongside his partner, Jennifer Lopez, at a membership or premiere, however when his young folks or step-young folks are involved, that’s when he will get a diminutive extra defensive about it. He also added that assuredly his face true seems that methodology.

“By the methodology, I also might per chance per chance merely be any individual who I attain procure myself — I’ll be sitting at house, and so that they’re take care of, ‘What’s substandard?’ ‘Nothing. Nothing’s substandard,’” Affleck acknowledged. “I’m take care of, ‘Nothing. I’m being attentive to this factor.’ I commence thinking, is one thing substandard?”

When Hart joked that the Air producer and megastar might per chance per chance true have a solid of “resting bitch face,” the Gone Lady megastar spoke back, “Bitch?! Now, now, I the truth is have resting traumatic face.”

Affleck well-known that the reactions online to his expressions are probably not a reflection of how he’s the truth is feeling at the time however moderately, “Other folks are projecting one thing onto me that I don’t feel about myself at all.”

Hart to Coronary heart episodes premiere each and each Thursday on Peacock.

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