American Truck Simulator circles Iowa on the design as its next DLC vacation situation

Will advance after Arkansas and Missouri.

A screenshot of American Truck Simulator's Iowa expansion showing a column-like fountain in a city plaza surrounded by trees.

Image credit: SCS Procedure

A runt bit over a month after the appearance of its Nebraska DLC, American Truck Simulator has build of residing its sights on a brand original vacation situation, with SCS Procedure announcing Iowa – AKA the Corn Reveal AKA the Hawkeye Reveal – as basically the most up-to-date expansion within the works for its vehicular trundling sim.

Since launching encourage in 2016, American Truck Simulator has – thru its tiring succession of DLC releases – made its potential across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Arkansas and Missouri are up next, with the newly announced Iowa to prepare. That leaves a pair of holes within the design as SCS continues its east-to-west sweep across the US, but presumably the studio will make a selection up around to Louisiana and the Dakotas in the end.

A screenshot from American Truck Simulator's Iowa expansion showing a truck passing a carpark overlooking a vast picturesque lake.
A piece-in-progress screenshot from American Truck Simulator’s Iowa DLC. | Image credit: SCS Procedure

Anyway, Iowa! “The Hawkeye Reveal is a mix of pure beauty, effectively off agricultural heritage, and challenging cities steeped in custom and history,” explains SCS on Iowa’s newly launched Steam web page. “While you prefer the time to detect, yow will detect Iowa is home to many extraordinary landmarks, which we relieve you to ogle and even prefer a remark or two.”

American Truck Simulator’s Nebraska expansion arrived in Might simply.Gaze on YouTube

SCS’ digital rendition of Iowa (yow will detect some work-in-progress photos in its announcement put up) will soak up among the essential teach’s “picturesque rural towns and quaint hills”, to boot to a preference of cities alongside the Mississippi river. To this level, Des Moines is the best precise-world dilemma the studio has confirmed for the DLC, but request of loads more reveals sooner than its unlock.

When that’ll be is someone’s bet given SCS tranquil has to make your mind up on up Arkansas and Missouri out the door sooner than it be Iowa’s turn, but, honestly – as any person firmly below its soothing, humming spell of rubber on tarmac – I will prefer as noteworthy American Truck Simulator as I’m succesful of decide on up.

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