Abby Hensel’s Husband Josh Bowling Faced Paternity Suit After Wedding

Conjoined Twin Sisters Abby and Brittany Hensel Clap Back at the “Haters”

Fans are uncovering extra about Abby Hensel‘s husband Josh Bowling.

One week after it used to be revealed that the Abby & Brittany superstar, who rose to fame as a child alongside her conjoined twin sister Brittany Hensel, has been married for bigger than two years, important capabilities about her husband’s paternity case possess solution to gentle.

Josh’s ex-most well-known other Annica Bowling filed a paternity lawsuit in opposition to him and one more particular person in October 2023, in response to court records considered by E! News. 5 months later in March, per the records, a genetic test used to be filed though the results possess now not been shared publicly.

Josh and Annica—who share an 8-year-inclined—broke up in 2019 after 9 years of marriage and finalized their divorce in 2020, per court paperwork. That identical year, Annica welcomed one more child, who’s generally known as their daughter’s “half of-sister” in the divorce paperwork.

E! News has reached out to both Annica and Josh’s attorneys for comment but has but to hear reduction.

The revelation comes days after fans realized Abby—who first entered the general public ogle in 1996 when she and Brittany seemed on The Oprah Winfrey Display hide—and Josh tied the knot in 2021, per public records reviewed by On the present time


While the sisters spent years in the spotlight, they’ve been residing a extra non-public life as of gradual. 

“The cyber net is extra LOUD today,” a video shared to Abby and Brittany’s TikTok yarn on March 28 said, reputedly addressing the news. “We have progressively been around.”

Though they’ve but to focus on straight referring to the wedding, the twins appeared to now not too long prior to now clap reduction at any critics

“Here’s a message to the entire haters out here,” a March 29 TikTok video also illustrious. “Whenever you plot now not savor what I lift out but tell every little thing I’m doing, you is at possibility of be collected a fan.” 

To be taught extra about Abby and Brittany, support reading.

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Abby and Brittany’s Shock Arrival

Abby and Brittany possess been born on March 7, 1990. Their mom, Patty Hensel, shared in a 2007 documentary Extra special Folks: The Twins Who Fragment a Body that she most efficient expected to lift one child when she gave birth per scans. Abby and Brittany possess been first and significant born with three palms, but had one eliminated as it wasn’t purposeful. 

Patty and her husband Mike Hensel possess been informed Abby and Brittany possess been inseparable as infants. And while Patty defined that separation might perchance presumably perchance well possess been seemingly because the ladies matured, the of us chose to support them conjoined as they possess been able to live a paunchy, healthy life collectively.

“We never desire we possess been separated,” Abby and Brittany both defined in the 2007 documentary. “Because then we would now not find to support out the things we can lift out—play softball, meet new of us, depart.” 


A Singular Bond 

Within the 2007 documentary, Abby and Brittany defined that they’re normally able to perk up for what the other will teach when curating an electronic mail or on-line message. If truth be told, they tend to refer to themselves as one particular person, unless they disagree. In these cases, they’ll teach “Abby says” or “Brittany says.”

They also now share singular social media accounts, which are non-public and mostly sluggish. 


Abby and Brittany Realize the Curiosity—To a Point

Abby and Brittany possess long expressed their knowing of of us’s curiosity toward their life. Smooth, they admitted to feeling frustration at the reaction they’re met with in public, in particular of us taking their portray with out permission.

“We fully abominate when of us take images of us” Abby defined in 2007. “And we can throw a fit about it, and indulge in them embarrassed.”

Additionally, while doctors possess been bizarre about their health and growing course of as young of us, Mike and Patty Hensel didn’t allow any unnecessary tests be performed on their daughters. Brittany and Abby also said the physician’s office used to be their least current space to poke at the time. 

“While they’re authentic, the family needs to treat them savor they’re real savor any individual else,” the family’s physician Pleasure Westerdahl defined in 2007. “I must collected take note of the family’s desires now to now not find too enthusiastic.”


Abby’s Blended Family  

After marrying Josh Bowling, a nurse and musty, Abby won one more family member—his 8-year-inclined daughter Isabella. The couple formally tied the knot on November 13, 2021. And while the news used to be shocking to the general public, Abby and Brittany possess progressively had initiating a family on their minds.  

“Yeah, we would perchance be moms,” Brittany said in Joined for Lifestyles: Abby & Brittany Turn 16 in 2006. “We haven’t opinion about how being moms goes to work but.”


Their Foray Into Actuality TV 

Now of their thirties, Abby and Brittany possess maintained their privacy since Abby & Brittany aired in 2012. The one-season actuality sequence depicted the young ladies’s lives as they wrapped up college and entered into adulthood. 


Lifestyles Exterior the Highlight 

Abby and Brittany started working as a teacher almost today after graduating college. When they possess been first and significant hired, they shared they possess been now not in a salaried achieve, but possess been given separate contracts, and split their pay.

They in the present day snort fifth grade collectively at an traditional college in Minnesota. 

“Math and science is roughly my exact point,” Abby defined on an episode of Abby & Brittany. “Where Brittany is extra centered on the language arts, reading—stuff savor that.”

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