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A family is inquiring for answers after Noah Bush, an eight-year-extinct boy, left his house in Jessup, Georgia, to play with company and by no contrivance returned.

Hours later, the boy’s body became learned in a borrow pit. Police suspected his death became because of drowning with no contaminated play. Nonetheless, his mother, Demetrice, is talking out, and explaining that her son became horrified of water. She says he would possess by no contrivance long gone shut to it.

Is this a case of contaminated play or a legit accident that led to a tragic death? Now, The Color Room’s Justin Carter is investigating the incident on ‘TSR Investigates.’

More Dinky print On The Disappearance Of Eight-Year-Favorite Noah Bush

In response to Carter, Noah Bush left his house on Wednesday, Could maybe maybe maybe 15, around 5 p.m. to affix just a few older white kids within the neighborhood.

Nonetheless, because the hours dwindled into the night, Bush by no contrivance returned. The following day, Carter says, Demetrice’s “worst disaster got right here correct.”

“When they rapid me where he became indubitably learned, it didn’t fabricate sense to me because of my son has always had a disaster of water,” Demetrice rapid Carter.

Demetrice rapid Carter her son would obtain some distance-off from water slides and rides. The mum one way or the other wondered how her son’s body became learned in a borrow pit in a construction house.

In response to Noah’s grandmother, Valerie Jernigan, cops straight away dominated the likelihood of contaminated play out of the eight-year-extinct’s death.

“I straight away asked, ‘Did they believe any contaminated play?’ And the detective talked about no. I mean, reliable then, the detective talked about ‘no,’” Jernigan rapid Carter.

Furthermore, the grandmother alleged that Demetrice became steer clear off from seeing her son.

Right here’s Why The Mother Is Searching For “Information”

In response to Carter, police knowledgeable the final public that Noah allegedly “took his sneakers off” and willingly waded into the water. Nonetheless, Demetrice isn’t settled with this conclusion.

“I’m no longer getting any facts as to who they’re talking to, who they’re investigating, how my child became learned, how he got in [the water] — no one’s telling me something,” Demetrice rapid Carter.

Scroll above to gaze the video photos that became learned days after Noah Bush’s death. Additionally, gaze as two lawyers talk on the self sustaining investigation they notion to begin into the eight-year-extinct’s death and why they suspect about this became “no longer an accident.”

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