Early Core i9-13900K pattern exhibits huge declare in minimal framerates, boosts to 5.8 GHz

In a nutshell: Intel’s Core i9-13900Okay will reportedly just bigger clock speeds than its predecessor and can bear twice the assortment of E-cores, increasing multi-threaded efficiency greatly. On the opposite hand, this ought to soundless spend the Intel 7 node, which manner that every person these advantages will originate it even more energy-hungry and refined to frigid than fresh Alder Lake chips.

Hardware reviewer ExtremePlayer has posted some benchmarks of an Core i9-13900Okay qualification pattern they managed to impact. This CPU ought to present attain-the same efficiency to transfer products as it features closing clock speeds, unlike the engineering samples we now bear seen earlier than.

This gradual pattern incorporates a 5.5 GHz all P-core turbo clock and boosts as a lot as a whopping 5.8 GHz when most efficient two cores are loaded. In each cases, that is 300 MHz faster than the pre-binned i9-12900KS.

— HXL (@9550pro) July 13, 2022

Raptor Lake will rely upon the same Intel 7 manufacturing course of as Alder Lake, so the bigger clock speeds advance on the pricetag of larger energy consumption and thus more heat. One day of testing, ExtremePlayer saw the kit energy consumption hop over 400W, with a 360mm AIO unable to take the CPU from throttling.

The Core i9-13900Okay does shine in artificial assessments, seeing a 10 percent efficiency enhance in single-threaded benchmarks when in contrast to a fresh-gen i9-12900Okay. This declare appears to be like to advance support essentially from the elevated clock speeds, as the IPC efficiency distinction was once contained within the margin of error.

Meanwhile, multi-threaded efficiency is up a whopping 35 percent on average, even though this is in a position to maybe merely be attributed to the eight extra E-cores. These puny cores furthermore flee to 4.3 GHz, 400 MHz bigger than the ones within the 12900Okay.

Gaming efficiency was once furthermore examined the usage of 32GB of DDR5-6400 memory and an RTX 3090 Ti. At 1080p, the Raptor Lake processor was once proven to impact a pair of 28 percent declare in minimal physique rates, whereas the frequent FPS had been correct about 4 percent faster.

Intel would perhaps maybe impart the Raptor Lake lineup at its Innovation tournament plan for September 27, with retail availability anticipated in October.

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