Difficult pressure shipments drop by a third year over year

The large checklist: HDD shipments were declining for the previous decade, with customers choosing flash-basically based storage an increasing number of due to its valuable crawl and endurance improvements. Mobile devices income significantly from the plot and energy financial savings SSDs provide, while the associated fee per gigabyte has dropped substantially.

According to a original file by Trendfocus, worldwide HDD shipments dropped to roughly 45 million objects in the 2nd quarter, a 33 p.c decline YoY. To position this into viewpoint, HDD distributors shipped over 650 million objects in 2010, or about 162 million per quarter on moderate.

Demand of for performance enterprise HDDs dipped a tiny to round 2.5 million objects as OEMs reportedly carried over stock from the outdated quarter. Persevering with shortages for other parts moreover hampered sales of HDD-equipped programs. In the period in-between, nearline hard pressure shipments held in actuality flat at about 19 million objects for the quarter.

Dealer HDDs shipped (million objects) QoQ alternate YoY alternate Market share
Seagate 19.80 – 20.60 -13.8 – -10.4% -29.7% – -26.9% 44%
Toshiba 8.00 – 8.60 -20.2% – -14.3% -42.8% – -38.5% 18%
WDC 16.50 – 17.30 -16.5% – -12.4% -34.6% – -31.4% 37%
Total 44.30 – 46.50 -16.0% – -11.9% -34.2% – -31.0%  

On the user facet, the scenario appears to be like to be far bleaker. Total 3.5-meander desktop and user electronics HDD shipments fell by over 30 p.c QoQ to roughly 13 million objects. Trendfocus effectively-known vastly weakened search data from for the surveillance, PC, and retail segments.

The 2.5-meander HDD market saw the wonderful decline, with shipments plummeting 40 p.c QoQ to about 11 million objects. This may maybe maybe well light attain as no surprise, involved by that laptops this day nearly exclusively ship with flash-basically based storage. Weakening search data from in the retail sector moreover contributed vastly to this reduction, with 2.5-meander user electronic shipments reportedly representing a trifling piece of the complete because it simplest serves arena of interest classes.

Chia (a cryptocurrency that contributors can farm by allocating unused disk plot) sent HDD sales hovering about a year ago, tiny doubt contributing to the YoY drop we’re seeing on the present time.

In connected data, Microsoft is reportedly pushing OEMs to grunt simplest SSDs for boot drives beginning next year.

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