Did Something Ever Advance From Timothée Chalamet’s Apple TV+ Adverts???

Earlier this year, Timonthée Chalamet starred in one amongst the most productive ad campaigns I’ve considered in a lengthy time. If truth be told, the AppleTV+ declare made me, out loud, dispute, “that is a correct commercial.” It be a murals work. I would gladly spy Timothée Chalamet finish the leisure, alongside with eat human flesh. However in case you asked me before the ad if I would gladly spy Timothée Chalamet in a commercial, I’d most certainly hang stated, “Timmy is doing commercials now?” and ogle concerned for him. I disaster about him, you already know!

In the ad, Timothée Chalamet comes to achieve that a number of of the greatest and brightest stars of this day—equivalent to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, and more—hang roles on Apple TV+, an award-winning streaming platform. However him? Nothing. The ad ran comely alongside many assorted excessive-profile giant name spots leading as much as the Gigantic Bowl, but it no doubt not handiest wasn’t a Gigantic Bowl commercial—it also didn’t consequence in the leisure! Are you, AppleTV+, telling me that you just pleased Chalamet to beg you for a screen wonderful to not give him one? Cruel! It be now been over two months (!) for the reason that ad first ran. Why hasn’t Apple TV employed him but? WHY? Create you already know he used to be in two Most productive Characterize nominees last year?!

Naturally, upon watching, we right here at Esquire felt terrible for him. I disfavor to ogle that minute frown! So we’ve made up our minds to dream up roles for him in all of our current Apple TV+ displays, to support whoever is accountable over there receive their juices flowing a bit.


OK, Ben Stiller, listen: we have not met Kier but. Effectively, supposedly he’s boring, but we know they’re as much as a number of weird human preservation stuff in the goat department of the Severed ground anyway. Why not Timothée, stowed away somewhere in Lumon, skin and bones (take a look at!), surviving handiest on the energy of the chipped workers? What the hell are all of them doing down there, anyway! L.Okay.


Due to Dune, we all know that Chalamet has the situation opera chops to play exquisite much any personality right here. Correct think it: Timmy versus Lee Tempo as two intergalactic hotties combating with flaming katanas? ‘Nuff stated. – Adrienne Westenfeld


Alena Smith’s mettlesome comedy ended its bound in 2021, but hear me out. Apple, I’m begging you—please revive it for a fourth season and forged Chalamet as John Keats. Certain, Emily Dickinson and John Keats by no methodology overlapped, but per chance Keats travels by time to nineteenth century Amherst or one thing. Time move and diversified stranger things hang already occurred on this screen. “Sickly poetic visionary” is the role Chalamet used to be born to play!—A.W.

timothee chalamet apple tv

I mean, wonderful ogle at this sickly poetic visionary, Apple.

Apple TV+

Ted Lasso

Heading into its third (and certain ideally suited!) season, Ted Lasso has by no methodology had a huge villain. No, you biscuit-eater—Nate the Gigantic and his gray-haired heel flip would not count. I create not disfavor the fellow, which is very important for any sports story. Enter Clémence Couture, the young, hotshot French coach who eats optimism and cheer on the side of his morning espresso. Performed by Chalamet, Clémence goes to downright antagonistic places to receive to Lasso, touring to The United States so he can seduce his ex-spouse. Yeah, I stated it! Contemplate Sacha Baron Cohen’s sassy, gentle Jean Girard from Talladega Nights.—Brady Langmann

The Oprah Conversation

Nobody but Oprah can receive to the underside of our greatest questions for Chalamet, savor: did he audition for Gladiator, and did he give half of of NYU chlamydia?—A.W.


Season Two of Schmigadoon, known as Schmicago, guarantees to snarl the starry forged into a recent know-how of musical theater historical previous: ’60s and ’70s musicals. Give us a Cabaret parody and forged Chalamet as The Emcee on the Equipment Kat Membership. Can he order and dance? We could presumably just not know till Wonka comes out, but for now, we’re pleased to wager gigantic on him.—A.W.

(Ed. screen: How could presumably Adrienne ignore Timmy’s shoulder roll in the Call Me By Your Title dance scene?)

The Peanuts Classics

Handle in thoughts this a petition to recast Schroeder as Timmy, the earnest but awkward Soundcloud rapper and Ms. Lawton’s famous particular person pupil. College dances could presumably just not ever be the a comparable.—B.L.

Anyway, Apple, thanks to your consideration. Call us in case you savor to need to discuss about Clémence Couture—that one’s going to cost you.

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