Dermatologists Skeptical of Calamine Lotion TikTok Construction

Aug. 16, 2022 — A rising bandwagon of TikTok influencers has been the usage of and promoting calamine lotion as a makeup primer below foundation. While this could perhaps perhaps also match as a corrupt layer for some folks, dermatologists consider concerns about this style, namely the agonize of dryness.

As of Aug. 12, the # calamine lotion tag had larger than 20.8 million views on TikTok, with a full bunch of films hailing the cream for its opaque red tint and matte pause when inclined below foundation.

Calamine lotion has been at agonize of treat itchy rashes, insect bites, and anguish from chickenpox and poison ivy for years. It’s sold over-the-counter and is a smartly-liked remedy for pores and skin discomfort, says Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist in Unique York City. It is furthermore on the World Smartly being Organization’s list of mandatory pills, she says.

“That is something that has been round for a very prolonged time. It’s recognized as a drug that has importance. So every now after which I wager any individual comes right by it and says it’s a ‘fresh panacea’ for something, nonetheless it with out a doubt’s in point of fact not. It’s factual an inclined-time easy product.”

Calamine lotion is fabricated from ferric oxide and zinc oxide, which provides it its antiseptic and anti-itch properties, as smartly as to its attribute red color. Zinc oxide is furthermore customarily inclined in mineral sunscreens, Day says.

Even supposing these ingredients are safe with non permanent, localized exercise, high concentrations and chronic exercise of calamine lotion could perhaps furthermore be annoying to the pores and skin, says Pooja Sodha, MD, director of the Heart for Laser and Beauty Dermatology at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

At these high concentrations, calamine lotion could perhaps furthermore be drying, that could perhaps reason pores and skin clumping and could perhaps perhaps be abrasive, says Sodha. She furthermore cautions that the astringent properties of the zinc and the high pH could perhaps disrupt proteins on the pores and skin, which breaks down the pores and skin’s natural defenses. Using calamine lotion right by the face every single day can “doubtlessly anguish your pores and skin barrier to a diploma the put you’re going to must attain plenty of additional work … to bring it support.”

Day furthermore worries about this style ensuing in dry pores and skin. Even in eventualities the put the usage of calamine lotion is appropriate, love treating poison ivy, its drying effects can every so regularly irritate the pores and skin.

And dry pores and skin could perhaps furthermore be larger than an elegant pickle: It could perhaps possibly lead to breaks in the pores and skin, that also can consequence in infections and scarring, she says. While this could perhaps perhaps also not happen in anyone with extremely oily pores and skin, most folks don’t consider extremely oily pores and skin, says Day, so this could perhaps perhaps be ineffective at handiest and unfavorable at worst.

If anyone is procuring for a upright makeup corrupt layer, Sodha recommends something that is non-comedogenic and non-sensitizing, love silicon-based completely primers.

“The tall thing about these products is that they’re non-comedogenic, so they could perhaps not clog your pores. They’re synthetic, so they’re not going to reason some style of hypersensitive reaction,” she says.

In smartly-liked, both dermatologists warn their sufferers to be wary of the TikTok trends they see on-line and caution about doubtless effects with prolonged-term exercise of calamine lotion on the face, despite the indisputable truth that it looks to be to work with one exercise.

“Shoppers must deem about this love they attain with any style of product that they hit upon, factual pondering the prolonged-term effects of something love this and the highest intention it in point of fact works for their very hold pores and skin,” says Sodha.

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