Dana White: UFC will hire security guard for scales after Charles Oliveira ‘nightmare’ weigh-in

UFC President Dana White stated the promotion will desire a drastic measure to design sure the “nightmare” distress of Charles Oliveira’s UFC 274 weigh-in doesn’t happen again.

The measure, he stated after Oliveira defeated Justin Gaethje on Saturday, is a security guard to face relish over a scale that the promotion calibrates to mirror the one frail by the scream athletic price overseeing the match. White indicated that non-U.S. combatants would possibly want been liable for altering the promotion’s scale frail at UFC 274, possibly leading to incorrect readings.

“We get this subject the place guys attain out and so they’ll launch up checking the scale the evening before and the general Europeans and guys from other substances of the enviornment carry out kilos, so they all launch up fwith the scale to witness at kilos and, who is conscious of… ,” White educated reporters after the pay-per-look match at Footprint Heart in Phoenix. “There’s so many transferring substances to this beast of a machine that we flee each and a week, and we’ve received to get a security guard in there the place the scale is now. It’s something we’re going to get to carry out.”

Oliveira used to be stripped of the title when he stepped into the octagon on Saturday, the final consequence of a half-pound overage within the 155-pound light-weight title fight. He went on to defeat Justin Gaethje within the first spherical, recovering from early misfortune to submit the previous interim champ. Because of he had been stripped, his protect most productive assured him the No. 1 contender scream, a truth White confirmed to the Brazilian after he hopped over the octagon to celebrate.

Within the wake of Oliveira’s weight omit, which got right here after his second are trying at making 155 kilos, he swore that he made weight the evening sooner than the educated weigh-ins on Friday. Nonetheless on a final-minute check, he stated he found he used to be 2.2 kilos over and used to be forced to nick weight again.

Oliveira also cited other combatants who had points with the scale, several of whom alleged the variation between the promotion’s scale and the educated one varied between a half-pound up to two kilos. UFC flyweight Matt Schnell wrote on social media that the promotion warned them that the unofficial scale used to be off.

The Arizona Assert Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission, which regulated UFC 274, launched an announcement after the weigh-in mishap clarifying that the educated scale used to be calibrated precisely and added “any scales frail for any motive rather than educated weigh-ins (equivalent to folk that shall be frail for combatants to unofficially test their weight) are now not calibrated or inspected by price employees as they are in general offered by the promoter.”

The price, alternatively, did now not get explicit authority over the UFC title, which is awarded by the promotion. Previously, the UFC indicated it would name a fighter the champ despite a weight omit when light-weight Al Iaquinta got right here in heavy for a final-second title fight in opposition to Khabib Nurmagomedov if he won at UFC 223.

“As far as the cost goes, Khabib is the one who’s eligible for the title,” White then stated. “Nonetheless clearly, if ‘Ragin’ Al wins this fight, he’s the champ.”

White indicated Oliveira will pick a identical scream following UFC 274, or now not it is now not relevant what took location officially on the scales.

“He’s the fellow,” White stated. “He didn’t design weight. We get principles, he didn’t design the burden, the belt is vacant. Nonetheless I’m sure within the minds of the media and fight fans, Oliveira’s the champion. Nonetheless technically, he’s the No. 1 contender now.”

White reacted in awe when he first heard that Oliveira used to be the final fighter to weigh in on Friday morning.

“No…oh my fgod,” he stated of his reaction. “It’s the worst ingredient that can happen at some level of a … [UFC executive] Lenee Breckenridge … hit me with the general folk, and I hit her inspire and stated, ‘No Oliveira?’ And he or she’s love, ‘He’s up next.’

“So I used to be love, oh s. Why’s he final, and the worst that is likely to be ready to happen took location.”

That you just’d mediate of contenders love Islam Makhachev, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier all chimed in to gain a shot at the educated No. 1 contender after Saturday’s match. The one ingredient White can yell for sure is that Oliveira will “100 percent” be combating for the belt he lost on the scales.

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