Coach: Jon Jones can beat Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic: ‘There’s no no person like Jon Jones at heavyweight’

Jon Jones’ heavyweight debut can also grasp operate against new UFC champion Francis Ngannou or former champion Stipe Miocic. And his coach likes his possibilities of beating both of them.

In an interview with Submission Radio, coach Brandon Gibson became once asked to evaluate the likelihood level of Ngannou and Miocic must always they discontinuance up being booked to face Jones, a 3-time titleholder at 205 kilos, and Gibson talked about he likes how Jones stacks up against someone within the heavyweight division.

“Stipe’s the very finest UFC champion in heavyweight historical past,” Gibson talked about (transcript via Denis Shkuratov). “Totally rounded, many of championship abilities. He’s shown so mighty resiliency like within the trilogy with [Daniel Cormier] and his potential to come wait on. And Stipe has a victory over Francis as properly. He’s a huge, properly-rounded martial artist, who’s extremely effective, who has devastating knockout energy in every palms. And then Francis appropriate has that X-ingredient. His size, his strength, and he can sleep someone, from any stance, from any angle. He doesn’t need to be balanced or be punching off his wait on foot. It doesn’t matter. They every occupy their challenges and their have weird ways, and we’re going to occupy to bag every of them very in any other case. Very in any other case.

“However Jon Jones has the skill operate to procure his hand raised in every of these bouts. There’s minute doubt in my mind about it. There’s no person like Jon at heavyweight. No one as dynamic, as mercurial, as gifted within the final disciplines like Jon is. And his IQ is off the chart. Now to not notify that these diversified guys aren’t natty, intellectual fighters, but Jon Jones’ IQ and comprehension of his recreation is unlike someone else’s on the earth.”

Jones has been out of motion since February 2020, with exterior-of-the-cage just factors and a contract dispute with the UFC conserving him on the sidelines. At some level of his time away, Jones has repeatedly acknowledged that his aim is to change into heavyweight champion.

At gentle heavyweight, Jones is mainly undefeated (his lone loss a 2009 disqualification in a bout against Matt Hamill that he became once dominating forward of landing an illegal elbow), but it remains to be seen how he’ll fare against the largest athletes on the UFC roster. Gibson believes his team has ready Jones the factual potential and that “Bones” could possibly possibly possibly now not be at a energy drawback.

“You watched of fighters going up in a weight class and they continually positioned on size and mass and energy,” Gibson talked about. “You witness at Conor [McGregor] from his 145 days, going up to gentle-weight, going up to welterweight and that’s a 25-pound distinction. Jon Jones, his weight is up there factual now and it’s a ways more than 25 kilos. So he’s hitting extremely hard and very factual and technical and mercurial.

“I’ve trained plenty of wonderful heavyweights. I’ve trained [Andrei] Arlovski and [Alistair] Overeem and Frank Mir and Travis Browne, and Jon Jones is more extremely effective, explosive, inventive, dynamic than all of them. So I will’t wait to witness Jon compose that stroll at heavyweight. It’s gonna be one thing if truth be told, if truth be told particular, and I’m humbled to be a section of it.”

It hasn’t been the smoothest transition between divisions for Jones. With the exception of the aforementioned just complications — which consist of a Sept. 24, 2021 arrest for Jones’ involvement in a domestic disturbance incident in Las Vegas on the same night that he became once inducted into the UFC Corridor of Popularity (the case has since been resolved with Jones’ striking a plea deal) — Jones now not too long within the past took some flack on social media over photos of a pad lessons that some critics discovered unimpressive.

Gibson appropriate shakes his head at the criticism.

“We’re now not making an are attempting to level to our sharpest work, factual?” Gibson talked about. “Jon now and over again appropriate likes to throw up a combination, roughly let all people behold where he’s at. However we’re now not going for a velocity advise or some energy advise factual now. All we care about is being ready when the bell rings on battle night. So I grasp it’s cool when he shares a piece snippet of that, but I don’t let any followers’ critique of Jon’s mitt work procure to me at all, operate off I perceive how it feels. I perceive how mercurial he’s. I perceive how centered and devoted he’s been the last two and a half years working against this aim.

“So I don’t mind if he shares one thing. I additionally don’t mind if we appropriate earn working within the shadows because all that matters to me is that battle night. However have faith in me, Jon is hitting hard and he’s so professional factual now. His skill operate’s at an all-time high and he has so mighty energy and athleticism and stamina on top of it all. I grasp the followers are gonna be if truth be told, if truth be told scared and taken aback after they behold him at heavyweight.”

Gaze Gibson’s beefy interview with Submission Radio here:

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