Deadly turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight became brought on by quick adjustments in gravity

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A lethal “turbulence tournament” aboard a Singapore Airlines flight final week became preceded by quick adjustments in gravitational forces noticed by the airplane’s flight facts recorder, the Singapore Ministry of Transport said in a file Wednesday. The incident, which came about on an older-model Boeing 747-300, injured 104 passengers and left one slow.

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The flight, which had been touring from London’s Heathrow Airport to Singapore, became touring over Myanmar when it skilled a shift from 0.44G to 1.57G. The airplane began to shake, then climbed “uncommanded” by an whole bunch of toes. When the airplane’s autopilot took the airplane aid down to its most standard 37,000-foot altitude, the airplane speeded up and forced the pilots to keep on an air brake.

These two events had been “maybe as a result of aircraft being acted upon by an updraft (the upward circulation of air)” the Ministry of Transport said. After that, the airplane’s noticed gravity went from +1.35G to damaging to -1.5G in decrease than a 2d: “This seemingly resulted in the occupants who weren’t belted up to change into airborne,” the file says.

The crew let the pilots know that there had been injured passengers on board after the turbulence. The airplane then diverted to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. The Ministry of Transport said that its investigation into the incident will continue.

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