Breast calcifications

Breast calcifications are calcium deposits internal breast tissue. They look as white spots or flecks on a mammogram.

Breast calcifications are new on mammograms, and they’re critically prevalent after age 50. Even supposing breast calcifications are in general noncancerous (benign), definite patterns of calcifications — equivalent to tight clusters with irregular shapes and heavenly look — might perchance maybe ticket breast cancer or precancerous adjustments to breast tissue.

On a mammogram, breast calcifications can appear as macrocalcifications or microcalcifications.

  • Macrocalcifications. These articulate up as huge white dots or dashes. They’re nearly constantly noncancerous and require no extra sorting out or apply-up.
  • Microcalcifications. These articulate up as heavenly, white specks, honest like grains of salt. They’re in general noncancerous, but definite patterns will even be an early signal of cancer.

If breast calcifications appear suspicious for your initial mammogram, it is most likely you’ll maybe be called again for additonal magnification views to procure a closer check on the calcifications. If the 2nd mammogram is aloof worrisome for cancer, your doctor might perchance maybe counsel a breast biopsy to hang for definite. If the calcifications appear noncancerous, your doctor might perchance maybe counsel returning to your standard yearly screening or have you ever return in six months for a non permanent apply-up to be definite the calcifications are no longer changing.

March 16, 2023

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