B.J. Penn refuses to concede after shedding GOP nomination for Hawaii governor

B.J. Penn is refusing to concede the Hawaii governor predominant election despite shedding the flee by a broad margin.

The abnormal UFC champion and Hall of Famer precise adequate reinforce to in finding the GOP nomination for Hawaii governor, garnering lower than 25 p.c of the vote in Saturday’s election.

Penn done successfully gradual ancient two-time Republican Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona, who secured bigger than 51 p.c of the whole vote. Aiona will proceed with his gubernatorial campaign in opposition to fresh Lieutenant Governor Josh Inexperienced, who will signify the Democratic celebration in the Nov. 8 classic election.

But despite Aiona’s certain victory, Penn is outwardly refusing to concede the election.

“It’s not over,” Penn’s campaign wrote on Instagram. “We’re not conceding.”

All over Saturday’s predominant election, Penn alleged that voter suppression used to be taking subject in Maui and Kailua-Kona.

Penn launched his draw to flee for governor of Hawaii in October 2021, focusing his efforts on resisting government-mandated covid-19 protocols and restrictions. The fighter equipped no coverage initiatives in his campaign and did shrimp utterly different than unfold Republican talking sides about abortion and the 2nd amendment on his social media accounts.

It is far also price noting that Penn has been arrested on a broad selection of events over the last few years. In 2015, Penn used to be arrested and charged with assault for combating exterior a local bar. In 2019, Penn’s ancient female friend filed a restraining record alleging years of bodily and sexual abuse. Months later, Penn used to be focused on a bar fight in Hawaii which led to him being released from the UFC.

In January 2021, Penn used to be arrested and charged with DUI.

It remains unclear how Penn plans to contest the principle outcomes, seriously given the broad margin between himself and Aiona.

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