August Alsina Confronts Death, Says He’s Fighting to Take care of Alive

August Alsina

Prayers up for August Alsina.

The R&B singer is reflecting on lifestyles and death amid his ongoing neatly being struggles. Taking to Instagram, he penned a heartbreaking message and published that he’s battling to terminate alive.

“My eyes seem like closed right here, That’s normally the set I stay,” he captioned the photo of his eyes closed. “In A constant utter of the employ of my internal gps to navigate my design through fields of battle, betrayal, & self doubt when the noise is simply too loud.”

While he’s responsive to his mortality, he’s now not timid. “Having now not appropriate set, nonetheless vision.. has granted me the clarity to take hold of that I’m on my toddle to the BLISS of death, & having handsome peace with that. & as I scurry toward it, lifestyles’s journey and teachings requires me to leave every phase of myself all on the field.”

He impressed himself to deal with battling even if death is inevitable. “So sooner than my funeral at any given 2nd, right here’s a yell to self; except then.. ‘JUST STAY ALIVE AUGUST !!’ it’s coming!” he continued. “You ca repeat from incidentally, you slayed them demons they summoned. Through hell and excessive water, it is likely you’ll well resolution the possibility. For it is likely you’ll well now not attain relieve and revisit this region.”

He ended on a cryptic yell. “This message is written with worship and the forward having a look to, extra infinite lifestyles,” he talked about sooner than including, “Don’t terror.”

The “Entanglements” neatly-known particular person has been originate about his fight with an autoimmune disease. Support in July 2019, he recalled the provoking 2nd when he turned into once quickly afraid and had to be hospitalized.

“I woke up sooner or later and wasn’t in a blueprint to toddle, couldn’t truly feel my legs, and my physician ended up admitting me into the health center,” talked about August, who suffered nerve ruin as a result of the disease, which occurs when your immune scheme assaults wholesome cells in your body by mistake.

He obtained toughen from fans, who shared their danger while offering encouragement. “I’m praying for you August. I corresponding to you my minute one STAY STRONG ! YOU GOT THIS,” wrote one, while one other added, “I have faith all americans is aware of what he’s making an try to exclaim. But selfishly we don’t wanna agree with it.”

Staunch closing month, August dropped his song “Shake the World” on which he apparently addressed his worthy-talked-about relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Be taught his full message below.

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